How The Masked Singer Season 2 Will Change From Season 1

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The Masked Singer was last season's unexpected hit, and the world was captivated by the weird show even after they figured out the identities of the contestants ahead of their reveals. Now, the show has had some time to learn from its inaugural run, and according to judge Jenny McCarthy, some changes are going to be made for Season 2. As for what audiences can expect, McCarthy teased one thing that will be bigger and another element that will be better:

There's 16 contestants this year versus 12. I heard through the grapevine the costumes, which were amazing in the first season, have even elevated to 11.

Jenny McCarthy isn't just talking up the show, The Masked Singer had some incredible costumes. If Season 2 somehow elevates the game with costumes better than The Monster, Lion, or Raven, then audiences should be very excited to see what's coming up this fall. We'll see more costumes via the new contestants we'd imagine, so let's just hope the show is a bit less obvious in its clues this season so the guessing identities part is more entertaining..

It seems the clues were sometimes as obvious to the panelists as they were the audience, but they never really outed a singer too early in the game. Jenny McCarthy told Extra there's some more comfort going into The Masked Singer Season 2, and freedom to guess a contestant's identity if they're feeling pretty certain about who it is. Robin Thicke agreed, and explained Season 2 will be more comfortable as Season 1 was them trying to figure things out.

Robin Thicke: The first few episodes, we were all kind of searching for format and trying to figure out 'Where do we belong?'Jenny McCarthy: How much we could say. If we really know, do we say it too soon?Robin Thicke: We feel we hit a stride near the end of the season, then seeing it back it all makes sense to us. Now we'll be able to go in there with big smiles and a little competitive spirit to try and be the one who tries to one-up the other panelists.

Had it come from any other panelist, one could be skeptical, but Robin Thicke was definitely one of the more consistent judges at correctly guessing identities during The Masked Singer's latter episodes. The other panelists seemed to improve with time as well, although that may be because the clues hinting at contestants' identities got more obvious as the series went on.

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We still have a whole summer to get through before The Masked Singer returns to Fox for Season 2 in the fall Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, so stick with CinemaBlend in the meantime for all the latest breaking headlines in television and movies.

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