Joey Fatone Wants Another Chance On The Masked Singer, This Time As A Judge

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Viewers weren't the only ones who couldn't get enough of The Masked Singer, as some (but not all) of the show's contestants have revealed they had just as much fun being a part of the competition. Joey Fatone, in particular, had a great time which seemed evident by his spirited and personality-driven performances as The Rabbit. If given the chance to return, Fatone said he's down, but this time he'd like to be a judge.

In Joey Fatone's mind, being a judge on The Masked Singer would be just as fun as being on stage. Fatone explained the allure of a judge gig to ET, and put it out in the universe that he'd be willing to come on for a future season if the program would have him.

I'd love to see a lot of different people out there, even a lot more people that maybe don't get a chance to sing… I don't wanna know who's gonna be on, 'cause [what if] I'm a judge on it. That'd be fun, because now that I have an inside view… So we'll see, hopefully.

The Masked Singer's Season 2 renewal guarantees the show will be around for Joey Fatone to come back, but will the Fox series call on him? As a veteran of the show, it'd be cool to have his perspective on the judges panel, although it probably wouldn't make him any better at guessing contestants. If The Masked Singer can't put Fatone on the series full time, maybe he can appear in a couple episodes as a celebrity guest judge?

Because, quite frankly, it's the least the singing competition can do after Joey Fatone immortalized The Masked Singer on his body. Fatone ended up getting a tattoo to commemorate his run as The Rabbit, and got his character's face tattooed on his leg not that long ago.

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That's a pretty sizable piece of art, and a bigger homage than what some may dedicate to a significant other. It appears Joey Fatone's love for The Masked Singer is deep, and he's 100% sincere when he says he wants to come back. If that happens, can we suggest he do episodes in character as The Rabbit? We were only scratching the surface of his portrayal in Season 1, and he could take it so much deeper with another season.

The Masked Singer Season 2 is headed to Fox in due time, and hopefully, the mystery behind each contestant's identity will be a bit more shrouded in secrecy next time around. It's an exciting time in television, as plenty of shows are gearing up for a new season or a premiere as spring draws ever closer. See what's on the way by visiting our midseason premiere guide.

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