Jennifer Aniston Offers Her Update On Where Friends' Rachel And Ross Would Be

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Jennifer Aniston is thrilling Friends fans again! After a lot of ups and downs through the series’ ten seasons, Ross and Rachel finally got together. For good? That is the question that many fans have had since the show went off the air fifteen years ago, in 2004.

Considering their tumultuous history as a couple, there has been reason to speculate about what their relationship status would be today. Has the couple that was not supposed to break up, gone on another “break”? Or are they making it work? Jennifer Aniston has weighed in with her take on where Rachel and Ross stand. Hint: It is an interesting update. Here is what Aniston told Today:

You heard her correctly! Jennifer Aniston said that Ross and Rachel are “absolutely” still together. Something that will undoubtedly come as a relief for viewers that waited ten years to see them get together. Aniston's prediction means that Ross and Rachel have stayed together longer than it took for them to finally become a couple.

In the video, Jennifer Aniston says that Emma would be off to college. Emma was born in 2002, which would make her 17-years-old in September. So, looking at colleges would not be odd.

As a side note, my favorite moment of this interview is when Adam Sandler starts crafting fan fiction about Rachel’s parenting of Emma. All the while, Natalie Morales says that Emma is “25,” and Jennifer Aniston responds, “She is not 25.”

Jennifer Aniston is in good company with her assessment of Ross and Rachel’s status. Friends’ co-creator, David Crane, previously echoed a similar sentiment. Last year, the topic of Ross and Rachel remaining together came up and Crane said that they would still be together, citing the hard work the couple put in during those ten years.

Just imagine, everyone who waited ten years to see Ross and Rachel get together can now binge it on Netflix and relive the whole relationship if they want; something that cost the streaming giant a pretty penny.

As for whether or not the Ross/Rachel question, among others, will ever be answered in the form of a reunion, you will have to stay tuned. Mostly because Crane has said “never” to a revival.

However, Jennifer Aniston recently thrilled fans by saying she would totally be down for a reunion. We know what the Friends cast has been up to since the show ended, but will fans ever get a definitive answer about what the characters have been doing since then? We shall see.

All ten seasons of Friends are currently streaming on Netflix, which is also home to lots of upcoming premieres. There will be no shortage of exciting things arriving on television this summer, so be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for the latest.

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