John Krasinski Brought The Office's Roy To Stanley Cup Game 7 To Troll Jenna Fischer

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The recent Stanley Cup tournament was a huge one for hockey fans, pitting the St. Louis Blues against the Boston Bruins in a hard-fought contest that managed to go all seven games. For anyone who isn't a fan of hockey, the Stanley Cup was still entertaining due to the friendly rivalry held between friends and former Office co-stars Jenna Fischer, a tried-and-true Blues fan, and John Krasinski, whose heart belongs to the Bruins.

Their back-and-forth had been fun to watch over the course of the first six games, but then John Krasinski went and pulled out the biggest guns of all when attending Game 7: he actually brought a guest in David Denman, who memorably starred as Pam's fiancée Roy Anderson in the early seasons of The Office. Check out the epic trolling below.

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Jim and Roy hanging out together is as strange a scenario to think about as Creed and...anyone...hanging out together. Luckily, actor David Denman is a lot less of a doofus than Roy was, so he and his former co-stars have remained friendly over the years. This kind of a get-together was truly one of a kind, though.

Casual fans of The Office might think that John Krasinski dropping a Roy-bomb on Jenna Fischer during the Stanley Cup is a pretty random way to poke at her craw. However, hardcore fans know that hockey games play largely into Roy and Pam's relationship. For their first date, Roy took Pam to a minor league hockey game, with his brother also tagging along, and the two men ended up leaving the game after Pam, forgotten, had gone to the restroom.

Amusingly, Jenna Fischer recalled that moment in her response to Krasinski's tweet.

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No word on whether or not Roy's brother was also in attendance for Game 7.

It turns out, though, that it wasn't just John Krasinski looking to rile Jenna Fischer up, either. Their former co-star Steve Carell also shared his team allegiance on social media, which did not sit well with Fischer.

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Jenna Fischer recently explained where this whole sports feud got sparked between her and her Office cohorts. Here's how she put it to the NHL on NBC team.

Let me tell you something. This feud has been going on for a long time between us. Because when we were shooting the show, the Red Sox and the Cardinals were in the World Series. And Phyllis and I – Phyllis is from St. Louis – would be in my trailer cheering for the Cardinals, and he had B.J. and Steve Carell in his cheering for the Red Sox, and they swept us in four. And it is my turn! All right? It is my turn to rub it in his face. So let's go Blues!

In the end, of course, there was nothing that John Krasinski could do to curse the St. Louis Blues, who ended up winning the Stanley Cup with a score of 4-1. It was all in good fun for everyone, so no hard feelings were had.

Jenna Fischer was not a sore winner, either, even if she immediately celebrated with a video of her decorating a blue cake to the tune of the team's big rallying song this season, "Gloria."

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While it'll be quite a few months before hockey season starts back up and gets John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer's rivalry beefed up again, fans can always watch the actors sharing the screen together on The Office, which is available to stream in full on Netflix (for now).

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