The Office's Melora Hardin Is Down To Return As Jan, But Not How Fans Might Expect

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Fans have been clamoring for an Office reunion pretty much ever since the popular comedy ended. That was back in 2013. Six years later, the show is still in high demand and a proven life-saver.

Last year, the cast reunited on Saturday Night Live to “push” host Steve Carell for a reboot. Now, Melora Hardin has given an answer on whether she would return as Jan Levinson. She says she would, but not in the fashion you might expect. Hardin told Too Fab:

I would do it if it was a film. If it was a feature film. Absolutely. If it was a series, I can't do it. I'm on another series called The Bold Type right now...The idea of like going back and being Jan Levinson again for a series reboot. You know? I don't think it's really that interesting. I don't think it's that doable. I don't think the fans even would really like that.

Interesting. I can see her point. Rebooting The Office would be tricky enough as it is. A lot has changed since 2013. Melora Hardin and her co-stars have gone onto some significant projects. Hardin has Freeform’s The Bold Type. Hardin’s frequent screen partner on the series, Steve Carell, continues to be busy.

Meanwhile, John Krasinski (Jim) has a third season of Jack Ryan to star in. They are not the only busy Office alums either. Considering all of that, a feature-length film would probably be more conducive to their schedules. I think Melora Hardin is onto something here. Continuing to explain her reasons for backing an Office movie as opposed to a series reboot, Hardin said:

I would love to do it in a film because I think in a film you could get everybody, you could get Ricky Gervais probably to pop in. You could really have everybody. I'm sure you could get Steve to do it, you know, and all of my storyline revolves around Steve Carell's character, Michael. So I couldn't really do it without him. And I can't see him doing another series of The Office.

Melora Hardin thinks that a film would not just get Steve Carell to reprise his role as Michael Scott. She also feels that Ricky Gervais, who co-created and starred in the original series, could put in an appearance. For those unaware, NBC’s Office was actually a remake of Gervais’ British original. As for Carell, he previously shared his feelings on rebooting The Office.

The Office star seems pretty confident that Steve Carell would be into the idea of a movie. As a whole, that cast has remained close through the years, which is an excellent way to gauge reunion potential. Some have re-enacted their favorite scenes together. Then a few months ago, Carell surprised Jenna Fischer on the recently cancelled talk show Busy Tonight.

I like the idea of an Office movie. It could bring everyone together to tell a standalone story. Maybe one set during the holidays? Sort of pressing all of the buttons before heading out again. Viewers could find out if Mindy Kaling’s prediction for Kelly comes true.

Plus, (if this were to happen) can you imagine a better bit of content for NBCUniversal to launch its streaming service with? The Office’s time on Netflix may soon be coming to an end, which means its best episodes leaving the streaming giant.

It is tough to think of a better way to bring viewers to the new platform than an Office movie. Could it happen? Maybe. Will it happen? Stay tuned. For now, every season of The Office is currently streaming on Netflix, which is going to be host to a lot of new content. This summer will see its share of premieres too.

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