Criminal Minds And Star Trek: Discovery Stars Just Joined Showtime's Penny Dreadful Sequel

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The Penny Dreadful spinoff continues to build its cast. This time, with an array of talent joining the horror series and previously announced stars Nathan Lane and Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer. The new stars hail from Criminal Minds to Star Trek: Discovery and beyond. Here are the latest actors to join the ensemble.

For some background, the Penny Dreadful spinoff will take place in Los Angeles circa 1938. It will center on Detective Tiago Vega (Fear the Walking Dead’s Daniel Zovatto). Tiago becomes ensconced in investigating a grotesque murder that sends the city reeling in shock.

Powerful forces are at play, and they threaten to tear Tiago and his family apart. The series is entitled Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. Now that you are up on the show's premise, it is time to get into these castings.

Criminal Minds Adam Rodriguez Luke Alvez CBS

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Among the new additions is Criminal Minds’ Adam Rodriguez, who plays Luke Alvez on the CBS series. The actor’s long-running show has finished filming its final season and Rodriguez has already found his TV follow-up. He has signed on for the recurring role of Raul Vega on the Penny Dreadful spinoff, per TVLine.

Adam Rodriguez’s Raul is the oldest son in the Vega family and therefore the big brother of the lead character, Tiago. As a union leader, Raul is described as “righteous," as well as an “advocate for his people.” Using his wisdom, he tries his best to be a father figure to his younger brother.

Star Trek Discovery Ethan Peck Spock CBS All Access

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Also joining the cast is Star Trek: Discovery’s Ethan Peck. Peck played Spock in the second season of the CBS All Access series. While fans wonder whether Spock will ever be back on the series, they do not have to wonder about Peck's upcoming television role. He is headed to the Penny Dreadful spinoff as Herman Ackermann.

Ethan Peck's Ackerman is the second-in-command at the German American Bund organization. Ackerman is said to have a “personal magnetism” that combined with his “aggressive politics” and “heated rhetoric” create tension within the group. On a related note, original Penny Dreadful actor, Rory Kinnear (The Creature), will star in a new role in the spinoff. He will play the leader of the group that Ackerman is in, per TVLine.

Shadowhunters Dominic Sherwood Jace Herondale Freeform

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Fresh from playing Jace Herondale on the fan favorite Shadowhunters, Dominic Sherwood has also found his next role via Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. Sherwood has signed on to star as a chauffeur and bodyguard named Kurt. He works for Richard Goss. More on Goss in a minute. Kurt is described as coming from a “surprising background” and possessing an “unexpected depth.”

Signing on for Penny Dreadful after Shadowhunters keeps him genre adjacent. The Freeform series also featured horror elements, and Dominic Sherwood previously starred in Vampire Academy. It is safe to say that the Penny Dreadful spinoff will arguably go more hardcore than that movie or the Freeform show.

Since we are on Dominic Sherwood’s Kurt, let's transition into the casting of his boss. That would be Richard Goss, who will be played by Dracula’s Thomas Kretschmann. Goss is a mysterious German aristocrat and architect. He is said to have “grand plans” for Los Angeles’ future. In related news, he also has disturbing City Hall connections.

Speaking of Los Angeles politics, Mad Men’s Michael Gladis (he played Paul Kinsey) will star as the ambitious Councilman Charlton Townsend. He is a powerful man. The head of the Los Angeles City Council’s Transportation Committee, Townsend is said to be armed with “killer instincts” and “ruthless political wiles.”

Rounding out the fresh round of casting is Feed the Beast’s Lorenza Izzo. She will star as the sister of a pivotal player in the Penny Dreadful spinoff. Early in the casting process, Natalie Dormer, who played Margery Tyrell on Game of Thrones was cast as the demoness, Magda. Izzo will play her sister, Santa Muerte, the Angel of Holy Death.

I recall Lorenza Izzo giving an intense turn in the Knock, Knock remake, so this should be pretty interesting for her to play. There is a murder mystery edge to the Penny Dreadful spinoff. Something that new cast member, Adam Rodriguez, is familiar with playing on Criminal Minds. Whether his character’s story will directly intersect with the core murder mystery is, well, a mystery.

It will not be one forever. Production on Penny Dreadful: City of Angels is set to commence later this year. When it does premiere, it will do so on Showtime. To pass the time, enjoy what summer television has to offer.

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