The Grossest Game Of Thrones Theory About Daenerys' Fate Could Have Really Happened

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Daenerys and her dragon, Drogon, were close. How close were they? Well, a gross Game of Thrones theory puts the two in uncomfortably close company. As in, with Dany in Drogon's belly, and that apparently really could have happened. Prior to her death, they were about as inseparable as a dragon queen, and her dragon baby could be. Well, for the most part. Having destroyed King’s Landing in a nauseating bout of despotism committed by Daenerys via her dragon, something had to give.

That something came from Jon Snow, who killed her to stop her reign of terror from continuing in Game of Thrones’ series finale. Afterward, Daenerys’ last surviving dragon, Drogon, arrived on the scene. He tried to get Daenerys to move and then upon realizing she was dead, unleashed a torrent of fire on the Iron Throne. Melting down the object of Daenerys’ affection and obsession.

From there, he took Daenerys into his claws and flew away. Now to the gross theory. Did he do so to privately…eat her? That is the question and the theory that Dr. Carolyn Rando, a forensic anthropologist at the UCL Institute of Archaeology tackled. She had a surprising answer. Dr. Rando told Huff Post:

Might he eat her? Possibly, yes. I don’t think we can discount that he was going off to eat her.

We may not be able to discount it, but still. Super gross to even contemplate. All that is known for sure about Drogon’s activity after he took Daenerys’ body away is that he was not seen again. Newly-minted King Bran said that he was going to try to find him using his Three-Eyed Raven skills. When Game of Thrones ended, there was no update.

Maybe Drogon went west of Westeros along with Arya? Either way, it is another story that a potential ten-year reunion could help solve! Drogon heading off to eat Daenerys never occurred to me. Even if it is not the most out-there Game of Thrones theory of all time. Neither did the Kinvara theory, which is far from far-fetched.

Drogon was the most intense and deadly of Daenerys’ dragons, and they shared a unique bond, as showcased in a particular scene in Season 8. Drogon was named after Daenerys’ late husband, Khal Drogo. During her time with him, she ate a raw horse heart as part of a Dothraki ritual. Could Drogon have mirrored this by eating Daenerys? Maybe.

Drogon burnt and killed people, but I am unclear if they were frequently one of his meals of choice. If he did eat people on the regular, that is a massive gamechanger. If humans were never appetizing to him, why would he start by eating Daenerys?

I just assumed that he took Daenerys to lay her to rest somewhere that was special to them. Maybe in the area they took an iconic breather beside each other during an earlier season. Why eat her? Then again, why take her away in the first place?

I get why Drogon probably melted the Iron Throne (Daenerys could not have it anymore) and spared Jon (he is a Targaryen). What remains a mystery is his final act of taking Daenerys' body away, aside from putting her somewhere to memorialize her. Game of Thrones left fans with a lot of questions to remember it by.

Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season is already available on digital. If you need to get your mind off of Daenerys possibly getting eaten by her dragon, that is understandable. There are a lot of summer premieres that should be worthy distractions.

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