Bachelorette Spoilers: How Luke P.'s Intense Fight With Garrett Plays Out

The Bachelorette 2019 Luke P. yells at Garrett pointing finger in face ABC screen shot

MAJOR SPOILERS ahead from Hannah Brown's 2019 The Bachelorette Season 15.

Hannah Brown's The Bachelorette Season 15, otherwise known as The Luke P. Show, will continue its drama train for a while, including an intense fight between Luke P. and Garrett. Or, really, it seems like a one-way fight, with Luke Parker standing over the sitting Garrett and screaming at him.

Bachelorette Hannah B. seems fond of Luke P., but it's clear the other guys in the house wouldn't be handing him roses. While the Luke S. vs Luke P. drama carried over from Episode 4 to Episode 5 -- which aired Tuesday, June 11 -- don't forget about Garrett Powell. Garrett is the one who confronted the "elephant in the room" after Luke P.'s aggressive rugby match behavior. Interestingly enough, "elephant in the room" is the same phrase Luke P. had used, prior to that episode airing, when posting about the show on Instagram and addressing his own behavior.

Bachelorette Hannah's full-season promos have teased an intense fight ahead between Luke P. and Garrett. We see Garrett sitting calmly as Luke P. lords over him, pointing his finger in Garrett's face while saying these words:

I don't care what you said to her, I have been nothing but truthful and you are NOT going to mess that up.

Yikes. When do we see that and how does it play out? According to spoiler guru Reality Steve, we see that in The Netherlands, when Bachelorette Hannah whittles her boyfriends down from 7 to 4.

First, Episode 5 showed the result of Luke Stone vs. Luke Parker. The Bachelorette then headed to Scotland, and Luke P. finally got a one-on-one date. Episode 5 didn't show it, but he did gets a rose.

After that, the show heads to Latvia. Garrett gets his own one-on-one date and gets a rose.

Fast-forward to The Netherlands, and that's when we reportedly get the dramatic Luke P. vs Garrett fight. Steve initially said that would play out in The Bachelorette Season 15, Episode 7 on June 24. But ABC loves to mess with the schedule, and the producers love pushing rose ceremonies to the next episode.

(UPDATE: It does sound like this drama is probably moving to July 1. Monday, June 17 is Episode 5B a half-recap episode, and the Episode 6 Garrett/Peter dates should be happening June 24. So this Garrett/Luke P. fight is probably airing after that on Monday, July 1.)

The Luke P. vs Garrett fight apparently happens during Hannah's 3-on-1 date with Peter Weber, Luke Parker, and Garrett Powell. That already sounds like awkward drama city.

Peter gets the first rose, leaving Luke P. vs Garrett to have a version of the classic 2-on-1 dates. (That smells like a production set-up, knowing the two have drama history.)

As Reality Steve reported, this is the date where Luke yells at Garrett. When all is said and done, Hannah appears to take Luke's side, or at least feels more of a connection to him, and Luke is the one who gets the rose. So Garrett leaves. Luke P. wins again.

Hannah keeping Luke P. around so long is probably going to frustrate viewers and might turn them against her. However, Luke P. does not stick around forever, and if things play out on that front as they sound on the surface -- and as teased in the promos -- fans may have Hannah Beast's back.

Here's the "This Season On The Bachelorette" promo, showing some things we've already seen and teases of what's to come:

The Bachelorette 2019 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC. Here's how the whole season ends, and who Hannah is engaged to, per the current spoilers.

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