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Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Can Ovi's Power Save Him?

Big Brother 21 Ovi cries after HoH Christie tells him he's going on the block CBS

SPOILERS ahead from Big Brother 21 on CBS and the 2019 live feeds.

UPDATE: Ovi was evicted Wednesday, July 3 by a unanimous vote of 12-0. However! That was not the end of his story. That perfect 10 Julie Chen revealed the Camp Comeback twist. For the first time, the evicted houseguests will not be leaving the Big Brother house. They will continue to live in the house as members of Camp Comeback. Camp Comeback members are out of the game. They won't participate in challenges or ceremonies, and they won't vote. They will, however, have not-so-great conditions upstairs. They'll continue to play the social game with each other. One of the first four evicted houseguests will get to return to the game.

The first two houseguests in Camp Comeback are David and Ovi. They get to listen to the next Head of Household challenge but won't compete in it.

So it's like a jury buyback, or like the Survivor: Edge of Extinction twist.

Original post:

Ovi Kabir got a big showcase in the third episode of Big Brother 21. It was the first episode to air after the live feeds had turned on, but included footage that had happened before the feeds went live. So it was new for even live feeds watchers.

In good news for Ovi, he won the first Whacktivity Comp, getting a Nightmare Power.

In bad news for Ovi, it sounds like it won't save him. Interestingly enough, Ovi did try to use the power to save himself in a different way -- by revealing it to Jack and Jackson/Michie Tuesday night in a Hail Mary pass to save himself.

Ovi promised he'd use his Nightmare Power to save Jack and Jackson/Michie from the block if they were nominated. He even threw in Christie Murphy's name, since Jack and Michie said that saving Christie would have to be part of the deal to convince HOH Christie to change her target this week. Christie wasn't having it, though. "The House" (God I hate that term) seems determined to vote as Christie wants this week, with Ovi leaving. They are aware, though, that you have to expect the unexpected on Big Brother. Ovi could come right back into the house, with or without his power, and he'd likely be gunning for Christie.

Ovi was not the original target of Christie's Big Brother Week 1 Head of Household reign, but the way things played out, Ovi is now on the block next to Kathryn Dunn and they are the final nominees who will face off in Wednesday's first live eviction episode of the 2019 season.

Christie initially nominated Kathryn and Cliff Hogg III, but Sam Smith won the Power of Veto competition, and Sam took his boy Cliff off the block. Christie was going to replace Cliff with Kemi Fakunle but changed her mind. Instead, she decided to go with Ovi.

Unless Kathryn quits, which is something she's mentioned wanting to do, Kathryn vs. Ovi will most likely end with Ovi evicted. That's still the plan as of Tuesday, but you never know. Kat could just irritate people too much, houseguests could feel bad for Ovi, Ovi could make a good argument for himself, Kat could legitimately self-evict, etc. There are certainly people in the house, especially Jackson/Michie, who wouldn't mind seeing Kathryn leave. He apparently had sex with her three times (!) and she got territorial, and now he's ready to move on to Holly.

The Sunday, June 30 episode of Big Brother showed Cliff, Isabella, Kathryn, Nicole, and Ovi compete in the Nightmare Whacktivity Comp. There will be comps each week, and Ovi won this one.

Ovi's Nightmare Power would've been awesome if Christie had put him on the block as an initial nominee and Ovi sensed he was in trouble.

According to what Ovi read aloud during the episode, after a nomination ceremony, when the house is asleep, Ovi may use his nightmare power to wake everybody up and send them to another nomination ceremony. The HoH must choose two new nominees. The original nominees will be safe for the week. No one will know that Ovi used it. He can use the power once and it will be good for the first six nominations of the game.

Sounds great ... but it doesn't sound like it would help him now. It's only a factor if he survives this eviction. That's not likely. But if he wins his way back into the house, would he be able to use the power again?

We also have to factor in any twists from Wednesday's episode. Julie Chen(-Moonves) said that would be the first live eviction episode of the season, but it's also when we should see David Alexander again. She said something would happen that had never happened on Big Brother before. Will David and the first evicted houseguest battle back right then for who gets to return to the game? Maybe. That could be cool. If it's Ovi vs. David, I'd be happy to see either one return.

Big Brother 21 continues this Wednesday and Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS, as one of the many shows continuing through summer 2019. Keep up with the CBS live feeds (opens in new tab) to follow the drama in real time.

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