Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Christie's Nominations Revealed

Big Brother 21 Christie is HOH David is shaded black and white on Memory Wall

Big Brother SPOILERS ahead from the live feeds for 2019's BB21 Week 1.

And we're off! The live feeds for Big Brother 21 launched right after the West Coast airing of Episode 2 on Wednesday, June 26.

Big Brother 21 Episode 2 ended with Christie Murphy winning the first Head of Household competition. That's after Jackson Michie did his thing as the Camp Director and banished four houseguests, leading to David Alexander leaving the Big Brother house -- for now. Julie Chen is going to give us an update on that front in Wednesday's episode. (His photo is currently black-and-white on the Memory Wall.)

The live feeds picked up with an update on HoH Christie's nominations:

Kathryn DunnCliff Hogg IIIInitial backdoor target: Kemi Fakunle

UPDATE: The first POV comp was held on Thursday, and here are the results, with the latest updates on the eviction plan.

Back to original post: Yes, 54-year-old Cliff can't catch a break. He was one of the four banished by Jackson, and now he's on the block. I would hate to see the only older houseguest evicted first (David wasn't evicted so technically he just left first) but we may be headed in that direction, although it doesn't sound like he's the target. I would also hate to see Kemi leave. Things are not going as I'd like, but we can always "expect the unexpected." The Power of Veto competition has not been held yet, as of late Wednesday/early Thursday.

Shortly after the feeds went live, Kathryn told Jessica she knew she couldn't trust anyone else and had to win the Power of Veto herself. However, in the same breath, Kathryn said Jackson had told her if he won PoV he would use it on her. Jackson came in and took a shower and kinda hedged on that, but he did seem to indicate that he would use it. It's never clear how much we can trust what HGs say to each other vs. what they reveal to the cameras in the Diary Room.

According to what Jackson told Kathryn, she will be fine as long as Kemi Fakunle doesn't win the PoV. They want to backdoor Kemi, or at least that's what he said. Jackson added that "People want Kemi and Ovi [Kabir] gone. They genuinely just don't like them." (Well, I like them, if it matters.) Kemi as the target seemed to be backed up by Isabella Wang and Nick Maccarone, who are also in an alliance with HoH Christie and Jackson.

Big Brother 21 houseguests

Big Brother 21 Episode 2 showed the formation of a six person alliance, and Jackson/Michie was in that alliance with Christie, Jack, Nick, Bella, and Holly. (Not Tommy Bracco, even though he knew Christie going into the house; so Christie can keep him as a side alliance.) It's hard to imagine Jackson would make a move that HoH Christie wouldn't like -- unless Jackson is just That Guy -- so Christie must be OK with the idea of taking Kathryn off the block and nominating Kemi. Unless Christie has her own plan in the works.

I'm kind of surprised the backdoor plan isn't to take out Jessica, after the Big Brother premiere basically pit Jessica vs. Jackson, and Christie is part of Jackson's alliance. (Are we calling him Jackson or Michie? I can't get behind Michie so I'm sticking with Jackson.) But the pre-recorded episodes are basically ancient history after a week in the house, so that may have blown over by the time the feeds went live.

Big Brother 21 Kathryn

The first two weeks of Big Brother 21 are on a wonky Tuesday-Wednesday-Sunday schedule. But if they do the usual thing, the Power of Veto comp is usually Saturday with the PoV ceremony on Mondays.

Julie Chen said we'd see a new competition of some kind -- Whacktivity -- with a game-changing twist in Sunday's episode. We'll see the first Veto competition on Tuesday, and Wednesday will give us our first live eviction. Will David return at that point?

Big Brother 21 will continue from here on Sunday, June 30 at 8 p.m. on CBS, as the wackiest show of the summer rolls onward. Watch the live feeds yourself on CBS. Do you have any favorites yet? I'm rooting for Isabella, but I don't like that she's so close to Jackson. Waiting for a blindside on that front.

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