Big Brother: Jack Has Gone From 'Jason Momoa' To Everyone's Target

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother. Read at your own risk!

When Big Brother Season 21 first kicked off, Jack Matthews seemed like the unassuming hunk who vaguely resembled Aquaman and Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa. Then he partnered up with Jackson Michie, and all of the sudden these two were at the head of what seems to be the house's strongest alliance. I say seem, because it looks like Matthews may be the slippery joker that sends this once stable house of cards crashing to the ground.

Tension between Jack Matthews and Houseguests really jumped off in the latest Big Brother, in which Head of House Christie Murphy was reduced to tears following a conversation with him. In her opinion, she felt Matthews was being inconsiderate and aggressive by pushing her into nominating Kemi Fakunle for elimination, despite the fact she really didn't have a reason to. It made Murphy upset, and feel Matthews should be the person she's putting up instead.

She's not the only one feeling that way, as some Big Brother viewers are actively petitioning for Jack Matthews to be ejected. Part of this is due to some shocking things he's said, some of which have been directed at Kemi Fakunle. Some found it weird that he explained he hates her "game play" though she has yet to make a big move and think there's more to the story. Others found this statement he made on the live feeds particularly disturbing.

Kemi makes me wanna fucking stomp a mud hole through her chest...(laughs) stomp a mud hole right through her chest.

Jack Matthews has also been heard making comments about other female Houseguests, such as saying girls like Nicole Anthony normally don't get to talk to guys like him implying he's out of her league. He also claimed he flirts with Big Brother Houseguest Jessica Milogros, but only so she can feel better about herself. Matthews gives off the vibe he's a gift to the women of the house, which may put a bigger target on his back.

Which could be huge, honestly, as an alliance formed by Houseguests who all share a mutual distaste of Jack Matthews could topple that power alliance he and Jackson Michie have been pulling the strings in pretty quickly. With that being said, it's already been revealed Matthews is safe for at least the first elimination, although if he continues to escalate his behavior and create bad press, he could be ejected. What does Big Brother look like without him?

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It's a question the Houseguests may consider, as Big Brother continues on to its first live elimination episode Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend as the season continues for more spoilers and speculation on what's to come, and for a look at what else is headed to television this summer and going forward.

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