The View's Meghan McCain Reportedly Feels 'Like A Caged Animal' And May Leave The Show

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Of all the daytime talk shows on the air right, it's probably safe to say that The View has the most in common with a tea kettle full of combustible liquids. Rarely does a week or two go by without some news story coming out that spotlights the hosts' troubles with one another, whether it's behind the scenes or right there on the air. The turmoil is reportedly teaching a tipping point for Meghan McCain, however, and she may not be sticking around the show much longer.

It's being reported that Meghan McCain is growing increasingly fed up and angry about her position on The View, and she's been "feeling like a caged animal" over being used as by other outlets. If that truly is the case, and McCain can't find a way to reconcile her negative feelings, then fans might hear about her turning down ABC's offer for her to return for Season 23 in the fall.

Granted, the situation hasn't gone that far just yet, but recent reports are making the situation sound like it's just a matter of time, according to the Daily Beast. It's said that the daily process of facing the emotional toll on the show, and on social media, is wearing Meghan McCain down.

Anyone who has ever seen Meghan McCain get into a back-and-forth on The View is likely well aware of just how strong-willed and determined the host can be when her mind is set on something. To the point where she'll get into increasingly hostility-lite debts with her fellow co-hosts such as Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin. Only to often turn around and get slammed by viewers and fans on social media.

One of the issues said to be plaguing Meghan McCain is the lack of knowledge over who is responsible for all of the leaked information regarding the behind-the-scenes issues. It has reportedly caused McCain to grow distrustful of many of her View coworkers, which in turn adds to the daily work stress.

The show itself has put a statement out as a brief response to these reports, according to TVLine, which reads as follows:

The co-hosts and The View have had an incredible season, and we expect them all back for an epic year ahead.

Obviously that's the instinctive response for producers to have, though it perhaps speaks to the potential seriousness of the situation that an official statement was made public so quickly.

The View's senior executive producer Hilary Estey McLoughlin says that things aren't nearly as hectic as they're made out to be in the tabloids, and that the host's biggest concerns are with getting her viewpoints out there. In McLoughlin's words:

We don't want people to attack Meghan. We're happy to have Meghan there. I think she does want to be there. I think she wants to be on the show. She realizes it's a very good platform for her and we love having her there. I feel like she will come back. What happens with Meghan is that because she's so passionate about what she's talking about, and she feels very strongly that she's carrying this mantle for the conservative perspective, and what she wants to talk about is so important to her, I think that's the part that's the most draining for her.

Indeed, as The View's biggest voice for the conservative side of the aisle, Meghan McCain has the biggest uphill climb as far as getting her point across goes. It has led to many tense moments over the past two years of episodes, sometimes with swearing involved. And while that has sometimes resulted in ratings boosts and more attention driven to the show itself, it doesn't sound like McCain would be one to think it's all been worth the struggles.

Hilary Estey McLoughlin doesn't think that anyone involved with the show is responsible for leaking behind-the-scenes stories to the press, largely because she doesn't think any current employees would be willing to risk their career on such a move. And she's not the only one on the show that feels a need to water down some of the rumored problems.

Joy Behar, who was referred to as "bitch" by Meghan McCain during an episode in June, admits that the co-hosts do like to argue and get down to brass tacks, but indicates that on-air strifes aren't wholly indicative of how she and McCain feel about each other. In Behar's words:

We get along fine. We both like to fight in a certain way, and we like to argue. We've had big fights over the last couple of years on the air, but basically she's very strong in her position, and I'm very strong in my position, and we fight, we argue. So what? That's what makes the show interesting, I think. People write about us as if we hate each other, and we really don't. I don't have a problem with her. I had to tell you that because it's kind of fun to write about. But that's the truth.

Sure, Joy Behar has a reputation to uphold, and she likely doesn't want to spark any unwarranted controversies surrounding her relationships with coworkers. But her point is still quite valid.

The View is a place where viewers go to watch the female hosts hoist their opinions atop everyone else's, so them getting into arguments – even heightened ones – is likely a boom for producers hoping for bigger audiences. Having employees actively hating each other is never a good look, though, so it would definitely be a good thing if Meghan McCain's situation is being blown out of proportion.

Granted, some of The View's past dust-ups did appear to be completely genuine, such as former host Elisabeth Hasselbeck's situation with Barbara Walters. Or the rage that Rosie O'Donnell appeared to have for many people working on the show.

Will fans get to see Meghan McCain returning to ABC's The View for Season 23 in the fall? At this point, it's still up in the air, but if her issues with the other hosts really are more hot air than legitimate, then there's likely no need for anyone to start looking for her replacement.

Stay tuned for more news about The View as it becomes available.

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