How Lifetime Movies Are Like Adam Sandler Movies, According To Vivica A. Fox

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When it comes to Lifetime and Adam Sandler movies, you may not see an immediate connection. One is all about the drama, and Sandler’s films tend to be all about the laughs. Vivica A. Fox has pointed out how they are alike.

The actress stars in and executive produces the upcoming slate of the uber-popular Wrong film franchise on Lifetime. Over the next four weeks, one of the new made-for-TV movies will premiere on Friday nights. What is the connection between them and recent Saturday Night Live host Adam Sandler’s films?

Vivica A. Fox was asked about the recurring themes in the movies. To which, Fox pointed out that there would be a lot of familiar faces from previous franchise installments starring in them. She mentioned working with one particular cast member (Cristine Prosperi) on a future Wrong film. On that note, Fox drew the parallel between the Lifetime movies and Adam Sandler’s film-scape, telling TV Insider:

The fact we are doing The Wrong Cheerleader for Lifetime, it’s so wonderful to work with her again too. I feel kind of like Adam Sandler for Lifetime because Adam for the long time had these movies he did with his crew of actor[s. They all get together each year and make a couple of fun movies. Everyone knows each other. It’s like having your little acting family.

Adam Sandler does tend to reunite with those he has worked with before. Look no further than his most recent film, the Netflix dramedy Murder Mystery. In it, he stars opposite his Just Go with It co-star Jennifer Aniston. That is just the latest example. As Vivica A. Fox points out, Sandler has gone through a steady period of working with those that became his frequent co-stars.

Vivica A. Fox is also working with those she has previously worked with on the Wrong film franchise. A theme that continues in the new movies. In a way, it sounds like the Wrong franchise could be considered an anthology of sorts. Sort of like Haunting of Bly Manor’s recent casting news. Okay, that may be a bit of a stretch, but there are similarities.

The Wrong franchise will jump-start its latest lineup of new entries this Friday (July 5). Getting things started will be The Wrong Stepmother. As its title suggests, it will follow an unstable woman who targets a single dad. While things start out idyllically, the man’s daughter becomes suspicious. She definitely has her reasons.

The Wrong Cheerleader, which Vivica A. Fox mentions in her interview, is not among those that will get released on this four-week go-around. Something to look forward to! For those who cannot get enough of the Lifetime treats, this month will bring an array of treasures.

The Wrong Boy Next Door will premiere next week. Followed by The Wrong Mommy. After that, the franchise will end with its big finale: The Wrong Tutor. Start studying up on what you have scheduled to record!

Lifetime is brimming with content. It had the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle movie in May, which got a reaction from Markle’s dad. Plus, it was the network that first aired the would-be Netflix hit You. Lifetime often gives viewers the ride of their lives.

Sadly, the network lost a lot of viewers in 2018. Hopefully, they will come back to watch these new movies. The new Vivica A. Fox projects sound like exciting ways to spend the weekend.

Watch Vivica A. Fox in the Wrong franchise, when it kicks off its four-week movie event starting on Friday, July 5 with The Wrong Stepmother. It airs at 8 p.m. ET on LMN. It is part of the television content airing new this summer.

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