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Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Adorable Dog Who Played Cheddar Has Died

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When most cop-centered TV shows feature dog characters, they're usually of the K-9 variety that helps out on cases. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, on the other hand, employed a lovable corgi to portray Chief Holt's four-legged compatriot Cheddar. Sadly, it was made public this week that Stewart, the dog who portrayed Cheddar for the longest time on B99, has passed away.

News of Stewart's passing was shared by his owner, Michael W. Miliotti, who took to Instagram to share the sad news amid a slew of positive-minded hashtags. Check it out below and try not to say "awww!" at it.

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Stewart was 13 years old at the time of his death, and it was apparently quite a last day to experience for the pet. Michael Miliotti took him to the beach for a hamburger picnic – presumably animal-style burgers – and some good relaxation in the sun. No news about the dog recalling his TV persona by bringing a true end to the Pontiac Bandit's scheming, but it still sounds like a lovely way to spend one's final day.

Cheddar was first introduced back in Season 1 as the Pembroke Welsh Corgi belonging to Andre Braugher's Raymond Holt and his boyfriend Kevin, as portrayed by The Good Place's Mark David Jackson. He wasn't being played by Stewart at the time, and there was another one or two dogs that took the role in the meantime, but Stewart was the most well-known animal performer to hold the role.

Which means it was Stewart that fans got to watch during Cheddar's most memorable moments and episodes. Who can forget the titular episode, "Cheddar," in which Jake and Amy buffoonishly agreed to housesit for Holt, during which time Cheddar ran away from home.

And who can forget when Cheddar was given the highly prestigious ring duties for Jake and Amy's wedding, and he ended up ODing on cake? Chelsea Peretti's Gina does not trot with such animals.

Owner Michael W. Miliotti had previously spoken with EW about Stewart's time on the set of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and executive producer Dan Good shared an amusing story about a derailed Cheddar scene that had people in hysterics. In his words:

In the episode where Gina and Terry try to boost Captain Holt’s social media presence by making Instagram pictures of Cheddar, there is a scene where Holt gives a moving speech filled with gravitas about honor and duty. Every time he began that monologue, Cheddar, who was just off screen, would let out a soft, unending howl, which cracked up everyone on set. Every time.

Any story about Cheddar deserves a clip from he episode in which Holt believes he is witnessing the acts of an imposter who has only the most amateur of skills when it comes to recognizing cummerbunds.

At this point, it's not clear just yet how or if Brooklyn Nine-Nine will handle Stewart's death. The series could obviously just find another corgi to take the role, but it's equally possible that the writers will find a way to introduce the death into a fictional narrative that would likely gut Holt and Kevin. Maybe a Halloweed-themed episode where everyone dresses up like Cheddar. Maybe have another New Girl crossover for it, too, just to bring as much hype as possible.

Though it won't happen this fall, Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return for its second season on NBC (and its eighth season overall) at some point during the midseason. Here's hoping we get to see something fun about Cheddar when the show returns.

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