The New Girl And Brooklyn Nine Nine Crossover Has A Trailer And This Thing Might Actually Work

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Over the past several years, it's become more important for the major networks to try and find ways to get audiences to tune in live. One way the network has done this is by creating crossover events that engage the fans of multiple shows. Last season, Fox had Bones and Sleepy Hollow cross over and this fall the network is doing the same thing with comedies Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl. The crossover came together pretty fast, and you can actually take a look at the first trailer for the episode, below.

In the realm of crossovers, a police workplace comedy and a comedy about friends don't automatically seem like the best match-up, but the awkward humor between New Girl's Jess and Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Jake makes it easy to see why someone at Fox thought they would be a good fit together. It should be noted that the two shows have aired alongside one another in the schedule for some time now, as well, giving the shows a good opportunity to do an episode like this.

The best bit of dialogue in this trailer is when Jess announces she "thought she had this city licked," lamenting that it was actually her who got licked. Jake, who has never gotten a metaphor in his life totally asks her whether or not her comment is something that actually happened. We're going to get a lot of weird conversations like this during the one-hour episode.

If this weird mash-up of humor seems right up your alley, you won't have much longer to wait to give it a shot. Instead of working a crossover in later this season when shows begin to struggle a little more in the ratings, the two Fox comedies want your eyeballs early out of the gate. The episode is expected to hit the schedule next Tuesday, starting at 8 p.m. ET. It's also going to be an hour-long event.

Considering that Brooklyn Nine-Nine spent its early episodes this season featuring Jake Peralta and Captain Holt hiding out from some bad men who wanted them dead, this crossover episode should be a nice change of pace for the police comedy. Details about the actual plot in the episode have been kept pretty well under wraps for a while, but the logline for the double episode indicates that first, Jess will encounter Jake while visiting New York and will be sucked into helping out with a case by the detective. Then in the New Girl part of the crossover, the Nine-Nine will interact with the rest of the cast, and the mystery of why Jess will be in New York will be unveiled. Sounds pretty snazzy.

Beyond the crossover, you can catch new episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Fox on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET. New episodes of New Girl air on Fox at 8:30 on Tuesdays. In addition, here's the full list of shows that haven't premiered yet.

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