A.P. Bio Cancellation Reversed By NBC, Season 3 Officially Happening

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NBC cancelled the struggling comedy A.P. Bio a while back, and then star Glenn Howerton was shown to be returning for the new season of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, which appeared to tie a bow on things. But now, another chapter to this story has surfaced!

NBC has reversed its initial decision to cancel the comedy after all, and the network has announced A.P. Bio will be returning for Season 3. However, it won't air on the linear NBC network that was home to the first two seasons. Instead, A.P. Bio's third season will be premiering on the presently untitled NBCU streaming platform that's currently in development.

So what changed, and why is a show that wasn't exactly a huge ratings winner for NBC suddenly resurrected and heading to its streaming platform? Fan interest certainly had to help in some way, with A.P. Bio's audience being one of the more vocal fanbases after the cancellation bloodbath this spring.

Some of those fans are apparently working for NBCU, too. THR has reported that studio and network executives were high up on A.P. Bio. Which, if true, had to play a big part in sparking conversations about a new season. It was also stated that many of the cast were eager to return, which likely made the decision a lot easier to lock down as well.

Interestingly enough, this was not the first indication that A.P. Bio would be coming back to television in some way. Glenn Howerton was on social media days just before the official announcement, and was dropping hints that Jack and his class would be back.

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For now, we don’t know exactly when Season 3 of A.P. Bio will officially premiere. The NBCU streaming service isn’t expected to launch until sometime in 2020, and there was no word on whether the new season would premiere at the service’s launch or if it would be held for later.

Production on the new season doesn't appear to have started yet, so it largely depends on when that kicks off and the date of the upcoming streaming service. Not to mention whether or not A.P. Bio Season 3 will be released in weekly installments, or whether the episodes will drop in bunches.

A.P. Bio is the latest confirmed title and the first original comedy for NBCUniversal’s untitled streaming service, which will also feature The Office to its platform. Other classic NBC and Universal shows are expected to be on the service, which NBCU is hoping will become a major player in the increasingly competitive world of streaming. Among other new projects, A.P Bio will surely help entice subscribers, as Season 2 of the series earned 47 percent of its 35-day demo rating from digital platforms.

For fans, A.P. Bio's renewal is great news. The Season 2 finale left Jack with quite a decision to make, and now audiences get to see if he'll stay in Toledo for Lynette or head off to New York and potentially leave it all behind. It's hard to say which way a real-world person would swing, but luckily, viewers will likely see Jack sticking it out with familiar faces for Season 3.

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Season 3 of A.P. Bio and NBCU's streaming service are both on the way. Stick with CinemaBlend for more updates on any developments on either, as well as to stay up to date on the latest news in television and movies.

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