Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: The Blake Show Is Here, And It's Gonna Get Ugly

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Blake Horstmann ABC

MAJOR SPOILERS ahead from Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Season 6.

The Bachelorette 2019 was The Luke P. Show. Get ready for at least the start of Bachelor in Paradise 2019 to be The Blake H. Show.

The Blake in question is Blake Horstmann, runner-up of Bachelorette Becca's season. Blake had a great showing on The Bachelorette last year and apparently he has been riding that popularity wave through Bachelor Nation, and it will continue into Bachelor in Paradise Season 6.

Before the Luke P. bashing of the "Men Tell All," ABC already shared a Bachelor in Paradise 2019 promo showing Blake on the prowl with several ladies from The Bachelor. Even Dean Unglert and his alarming new mustache (!!!) were apparently surprised by Blake's behavior. Blake is the new Dean, it seems, even if spoiler guru Reality Steve teased Dean does pull a classic Dean move this season.

According to Reality Steve, what Blake does on Bachelor in Paradise 2019 is much worse than anything Dean did, since Dean only balanced two women. Blake is said to be connected to The Bachelor alumni Tayshia Adams, Kristina Schulman, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, and Hannah Godwin. It becomes a huge dramatic focus of the show, at least in the early episodes before the other drama kicks in.

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Blake Hannah G ABC

If you know Bachelor in Paradise, you know cast members come in throughout the season, but there's a core original cast. Blake is part of that original cast, and so is Tayshia.

According to Steve, Blake gets the first date card and asks out Tayshia. Turns out, they had a pre-Paradise history, but more on that in a second.

Kristina -- who was part of a that memorable love triangle with Dean and D-Lo in Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 -- shows up on the second day with a date card. She asks out Blake. Turns out, they also had a pre-Paradise history. According to Steve's site, they dated a few months prior and had spoken about it in interviews.

Bachelor in Paradise Blake talks to Kristina ABC

It's revealed that Blake and Tayshia had hung out at Stagecoach back in late April. It wasn't a date, Steve said, but they definitely showed interest in each other and hung out that first night. (If you need to know what Stagecoach is, it's a music festival that's apparently also a major Bachelor reunion site.)

However, the very next night at Stagecoach, Blake had sex with Caelynn. The night after that, Blake had sex with Kristina.

And that's not all! Hannah G. is also part of this pre-season mess. Two weeks before going to Bachelor in Paradise, Blake reportedly flew to Birmingham, Alabama to spend the weekend with Hannah G. Apparently that was a planned trip because they were interested in each other.

Steve was told that Tayshia was the one blindsided the most, since she had no idea Blake slept with Caelynn and Kristina on back-to-back nights after she hung out with him the first night of Stagecoach. However, Caelynn was the one shown to have the biggest problem with everything. Blake defended himself after the show, sharing text messages with Caelynn that suggest what happened is different from what she said on TV. She also responded to Blake's post, showing that they still have a very different idea of what their "relationship" entailed.

During the first rose ceremony in Paradise, Blake gave Tayshia the first rose. But after that, Blake told Tayshia and Caelynn that he's there for Hannah and wants to pursue her. But it sounds like Hannah G. sticks with the much less problematic Dylan.

Here's what happens in each 2019 rose ceremony, including Blake and Kristina handing each other roses for most of the season. Apparently at one point he tells Kristina he wants to give a real relationship a try. According to Steve, Kristina ultimately tells him she's not feeling it. Blake is said to leave, with Kristina leaving shortly afterward.

I don't see the appeal with Blake, but man it sounds like everyone else does! Most of that was shared early in Bachelor in Paradise filming, and Steve has updated since then, at least for a few of the mentioned parties. Good news for Hannah G. is that she reportedly gets engaged on the show, but not to Blake. (Sorry, Blake.) As for Caelynn, she has an interesting love story with Dean that appears to still be going well. I know. Dean can evolve? Imagine. That should give Blake hope.

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Blake cries ABC

I feel sorry for Kristina that she's caught up in more drama but if she still gives and takes roses from Blake to stick around on the show, it's ... not a great look, from here.

That's not all for Bachelor in Paradise, though. Apparently there are three total engagements, including Bachelor Nation's first same-sex engagement. Plus, two dudes reportedly get kicked out due to some kind of fight over a pinata. (It shouldn't surprise you that one of them is said to be Jordan Kimball.) Bachelorette alum Connor Saeli also has some interesting romance drama ahead, some of it on-Paradise and some of it post-Paradise. And apparently John Paul Jones gets a lot more camera time in Paradise than on Bachelorette Hannah's season.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 was supposed to premiere at the end of July, but Hannah Brown's The Bachelorette Season 15 took extra time for its two-night finale. So BiP 2019 starts Monday, August 5 and Tuesday, August 6 at 8 p.m., and continues Mondays and Tuesdays for six weeks on ABC.

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