New Walking Dead Spinoff's First Look Video Finally Reveals More About The Series

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Even though The Walking Dead comic book series may be over and done with for creator Robert Kirkman, the TV franchise is still going strong, and it will be bigger than ever in the near future. AMC is gearing up to give fans the third television series from Kirkman's universe, and we not have a better idea of what to expect from the upcoming project.

AMC released the first look video below for the third Walking Dead series, which currently doesn't have an official title yet. Check out the new actors teasing the story that's yet to come, which sounds like it'll be delving into the early days of the walker outbreak, though it was revealed recently that it may very well be the first in the bunch to go without having the words "walking dead" as part of its name. (Not the worst idea.) Regardless, it's an intriguing first look and you can check it out below.

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The new look at the upcoming spinoff doesn't give us a lot to work off of, other than introducing us to some of the characters and some cool art related to said characters. However, it does confirm "we'll see it all this spring. A new world of The Walking Dead." So far we know that a 10-episode order has been given to the still-untitled spinoff. In addition, we also know the spinoff will focus on the coming-of-age of at least two female protagonists who have grown up in this zombie-infested world, but from what we can tell from the youngsters comments, they may have been sheltered from a lot the casts on the other two shows have seen.

It'll definitely have a different bent than the other two TWD programs on the air. We can even see this larger concept of the world teased in this first look at the prequel and the emphasis on younger protagonists is clear here. In particular, some of the concept art is the most striking, including what looks to be the remains of a plane crash.

Plane Crash in The Walking Dead's new spinoff

All in all, like The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead, the spinoff seems as if it will be an adventure narrative. We'll have to wait and see if that's enough to hook audiences on a third TV series in this universe. AMC is certainly hoping so. If you'd like to look more into the cast and what's coming, we have you covered. In the meantime, The Walking Dead will be heading back to the schedule for its 10th season -- can you believe it? -- this fall. A theatrical release featuring Rick is also in the works. If you'd like to see when the rest of your favorites are returning, be sure to peruse CinemaBlend's Fall TV schedule.

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