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Meredith And DeLuca Look Very Happy While Filming For Grey's Anatomy's New Season

Meredith and DeLuca relationship on Grey's Anatomy

It’s still a little shocking to me that Grey’s Anatomy is heading into its 16th season on ABC this fall. The long-running show has put Meredith Grey through a lot over the years, but if this first look at Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 is any indication, she and Andrew DeLuca are going to be... very happy?

Giacomo Gianniotti, who plays DeLuca in the medical drama, is most definitely in scrubs in the first look image at the first day of filming the latest season. Ellen Pompeo still looks to be in pajamas in the image, and Gianniotti’s hashtags seems to confirm those pajamas, as well as ice cream for breakfast. Sounds like a great idea…

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It’s still a little weird for me to see Meredith and DeLuca in this seemingly cozy early morning context. Grey’s Anatomy tried out a slew of different potential male leads to pair with Meredith Grey in the time after her soulmate McDreamy perished on the show. Most didn’t end up having staying power and were written off in one way or another.

Then, during Season 15, Meredith and DeLuca shared their first kiss on Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t an easy road to coupledom, as Andrew DeLuca actually beat out Link for Meredith’s affections. They were pretty happy for a time, but during the finale DeLuca took one for the team and ended up behind bars, so the fact the two look so cozy together ahead of Season 16 is a bit of a juxtaposition considering what happened when we last saw the two.

Still, it looks as if on the first day of filming, they were in bed eating ice cream together, which seems pretty relaxed.

DeLuca eating ice cream on Grey's Anatomy set

Beyond all of the actual in-show drama, there’s been a bit of debate about the connection between Meredith Grey and Andrew DeLuca in the time since the two coupled up. There is an age difference between the two characters, but some people simply don’t want to see Meredith get serious with another man. Showrunner Krista Vernoff has addressed the haters, noting she would never root for anyone to live a loveless life.

I don't understand it. The idea that anyone could root for her to live a loveless life after being widowed at such a young age is crazy to me.

So far, ahead of Season 16 (and presumably at the table read), the full cast also got together for a sweet photo. It’s nice to see after so many years churning out the medical drama that the Grey’s Anatomy cast seemingly still loves their jobs. (Or if they didn’t, those people have moved on to other projects.)

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As the fall TV season approaches, Grey’s Anatomy is finally getting off the ground for Season 16 and it looks as if we’ll find out just what the heck happened after the events in last season’s finale very soon. Grey’s Anatomy will return to the schedule on September 26 at 8 p.m. ET. Take a look at when your other favorites are coming back with our full schedule.

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