Below Deck’s Star Captain Lee Rosbach’s Son Dies After Drug Overdose

Captain Lee on Bravo's Below Deck

Captain Lee Rosbach, of Bravo’s Below Deck broke news this morning that his son, Joshua Lee Rosbach recently died and was laid to rest over the weekend. The son of the reality star was only 42 at the time of his death. Details indicate Rosbach died “in the comfort of his home” earlier this month on July 22, 2019. The death was deemed an accidental drug overdose.

Captain Rosbach waited a few days after the funeral before he shared a tender post on social media that detailed the struggles his son Joshua dealt with for decades. Captain Lee Rosbach mentions that his child struggled with the demons of drug addiction for years before succumbing to an accidental overdose. You can see his full tribute -- that also serves as a message for parents -- below.

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Drug addiction can spring up in any household and in any community. Captain Lee Rosbach seems to want to make that clear with his post that mentions both “mansions” and “double wide trailers” as being homes for those who struggle with "demons." Captain Lee and his wife also close the post asking those who still have their children with them to “take care” of their kids while they are still able and to "enjoy every second" with their kids.

Captain Lee Rosbach heads up the popular series Below Deck, a reality show that has aired on Bravo since 2013. While the show changing staffs each season, Lee Rosbach has been the mainstay anchoring the series, alongside Kate Chastain after Season 1.

If you’ve watched a lot of reality shows based around boats, Below Deck isn’t of the rugged, difficult-to-survive ilk. It’s about a luxury yacht and the people who choose to stay on such a ship. While the ship is real, the crew are hired in for each season of the series and Captain Lee Rosbach has previously said the crew that are brought in “pretty much acted like crew I would have fired.”

Still, Captain Lee Rosbach shows his love for the ocean outside of his work on Bravo fondly and often. It’s a passion he seems to have shared with his son.

Like his father, a memorial page details that Joshua Lee Rosbach, known as Josh, also enjoyed being on the water like his famous father. The memorial notes:

Josh followed his father’s love for the ocean, whether it was sail boating or First Mate aboard a yacht. As a son, he was everything to his father and mother. He was a good brother and he loved the precious times they spent together.

Joshua Rosbach notably also loved his dog, Champ and animals in general. In lieu of flowers, his family was asking that those who would like to contribute send donations to the Humane Society of Broward County. Rosbach was a resident of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is located in Broward County. Our thoughts go out to Rosbach's friends and family as they deal with this tragic loss.

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