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Swamp Thing May Be Cancelled But The Creator Is Still Promising A 'Surprise'

Swamp Thing DC Universe

From its inception to sudden cancellation, Swamp Thing's off-screen journey has been quite unpredictable. Given that trend, it should come as no shock then that the DC Universe show apparently has one more surprise up its sleeve before the series is officially finished.

That's what creator Mark Verheiden has revealed, anyway. Verheiden jumped on social media to tell fans to keep things running after the final scene, as there's something they may want to see afterward.

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This is quite the unexpected development, and who knows what Mark Verheiden has planned for the fans who have tuned in to watch the doomed series from the jump? Has the situation changed and Season 2 (which Verheiden had plans for) is happening after all? That feels highly unlikely given the problems that caused Swamp Thing to cease development in the first place, so what's happening in these post-credits?

One possibility is that while Swamp Thing may be dead, the hero could exist elsewhere on a DC series. For example, Matt Ryan's Constantine found new life on Legends of Tomorrow when his series was cancelled; could the same thing be happening with Alec Holland? Don't forget, Constantine and Swamp Thing have a solid relationship in DC Comics, so the occultist showing up in his neck of the swamp wouldn't be the wildest thing.

As great as that would be, DC Universe has yet to make any meaningful connections to The CW's Arrow-verse, so there's no established precedent that gives weight to this speculation. It is known, however, that the Arrow-verse's upcoming "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover is eyeing former DC talent to appear in the mega-crossover, so perhaps there were discussions to include Swamp Thing in that adventure.

This post-credits scene may also just be a special note from the Swamp Thing cast and crew thanking those who tuned in for sticking around. With that said, creator Mark Verheiden seems well aware of the passion of fans and how much they appreciate this painfully-short adventure. It stands to reason he wouldn't drum up people's attention and tease something that won't give the community something to be excited about, right?

Though Season 2 of Swamp Thing does sound unlikely, it does warrant mention that HBO Max recently picked up Doom Patrol and that Season 2 will air on that streaming platform in addition to DC Universe. Rumors swirled around the time of Swamp Thing's cancellation that HBO was eyeing it and that it could transfer over to the premium channel. Perhaps there's a chance it could show up on HBO Max and get renewed for Season 2 as well?

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We'll learn what Swamp Thing's mysterious post-credits scene is all about when DC Universe releases the final episode Friday, August 2. CinemaBlend will continue to report on DC shows as well as other news happening in the world of television and movies.

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