Supernatural Creator Reveals Scrapped James Bond Idea For Dean

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Supernatural creator Eric Kripke has revealed that the show scrapped a James Bond idea for Dean. Dean Winchester has always been a force. However, he was going to get a little extra help from technology to be one. How was Dean going to get his Bond on?

Eric Kripke shared the surprising answer, which included the reveal of a factoid involving Dean and his beloved Impala, Baby. During an AMA on Reddit, Kripke was asked if there are any standout aspects about Supernatural that fans may not know. Kripke replied, saying:

Here's a factoid. In the pilot, we explored adding James Bond style switches to the Impala dash — to release oil, or salt. We might have even shot it. But then we realized that was stupid.

That’s right, Dean Winchester was originally going to have an extra tool at his disposal. His beloved Impala was going to be tricked out with some James Bond-style gadgets. This would not have been the worst thing for Supernatural to have included, in my opinion. It would have been an extra layer that would have fit.

There have certainly been worse ideas in TV-dom. Nevertheless, the show chose to go a different way and given its longevity, skipping out on James Bond elements certainly did not hurt it. It is also a testament to how many alterations get made when crafting a series. Would Supernatural be a totally different show if Dean had gizmos? I do not think so. However, it does create a different vibe.

In the end, the formula that Supernatural found has been one that works, although that success has not extended to spinoffs. The show’s executive producer recently weighed in on the failure to launch a spinoff in the 14 seasons of the series so far. During Season 14, Supernatural reached the significant milestone of its 300th episode. Now the show is coming up on its fifteenth and final season.

Supernatural’s creator departed the series as showrunner following Season 5. It will have gone on for ten more seasons since he left. How does Eric Kripke feel about the show ending? Answering another part of the aforementioned question, Kripke opened up about his thoughts and feelings on the matter, saying:

I'm a little bit emotional about it. It was comforting to always have that show there. And I'm so fucking proud of the amount of good those actors and that fandom have put into the world. Proud of the show, sure, but way more proud of AKF, or GISH, or the million other things.

There you have it! While Season 15 has not even premiered yet, the cast has provided some insight into how it ends. Jared Padalecki teased a “version of peace” for the Winchesters. The actor had previously revealed how he wanted the final season to culminate for Sam and Dean.

Jensen Ackles revealed he initially had trouble with the series finale ending. Saying goodbye is never easy, though. The Winchesters will have to face the finale without those originally commissioned gadgets. One of the favorites among Netflix users has set its Season 15 premiere date. Supernatural’s previous season finale set up the show’s final chapter in some exciting ways.

Following this summer’s premieres, Supernatural Season 15 will premiere on Thursday, October at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Previous seasons of Supernatural are currently streaming on Netflix, along with other premieres.

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