Netflix Users' Favorite Show May Surprise You (It's Not Stranger Things)

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Obviously, Stranger Things made a big splash on Netflix when it debuted Season 3 on July 4, but that doesn't mean the supernatural series is the public's favorite show from the streamer. Oh, no. A recent poll of Netflix subscribers shows that Orange Is the New Black is actually tops when it comes to what people prefer to watch when they settle in for a Netflix-based streaming session. The Demogorgon will not be happy about this.

We don't have to be too sad for Stranger Things, though. Aside from the fact that the series broke several records for Netflix when Season 3 came around a few days ago, it did come in at the number two spot on the survey of people's favorite Netflix shows, so we can, hopefully, at least keep the Mind Flayer at bay with that happy news. Here's how the top 20 favorites list turned out:

1. Orange Is the New Black2. Stranger Things3. "Movies"4. Ozark5. Grace and Frankie6. Black Mirror7. Lucifer8. The Crown9. The Office10. Friends11. Dead to Me12. Supernatural13. Daredevil14. The Ranch15. House of Cards16. Santa Clarita Diet17. Jessica Jones18. 13 Reasons Why19. Fuller House20. Breaking Bad

According to Variety, the poll, which was conducted by HarrisX and commissioned by MoffettNathanson, surveyed 11,135 of Netflix's U.S. subscribers in May and June of this year. As you can see, the poll also revealed that 15 of the top 20 shows mentioned as subscriber favorites were Netflix Originals, which has to be good for the streaming service to hear.

While Netflix still relies on licensed content to keep people binging, a lot of news has been made recently about the number of popular shows which will be leaving the service in the coming months and years for new, competing, streamers. Popular, long-running shows like The Office and Friends will be departing before too long (not to mention so many Disney-owned properties), and there have been worries that people would leave Netflix once that content was no longer available.

Fortunately for Netflix, this poll shows that plenty of Netflix shows are among subscribers' favorites, meaning that while they may be beginning to think that the service is too expensive, at least they won't leave them behind because everything they love to watch is gone. On top of that, many other licensed favorites, like Supernatural (which landed at number 12 on the top 20 list) and Grey's Anatomy, are still available and likely to be around for a while.

Well, the folks (and monsters) at Stranger Things might be a bit miffed right now to have lost the top spot to Orange Is the New Black, but they can at least take solace in the fact that the poll was completed before Season 3 premiered. Both shows can be streamed on Netflix right now, and OITNB will be back for Season 7 (its last) on July 26.

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