When Supernatural And Arrow's Final Seasons Will Premiere On The CW

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When The CW's fall season kicks off, the ends of two eras will begin in earnest. TV's longest running superhero series, Arrow, and The CW's longest running original in general, Supernatural, will deliver their swan song seasons, and you can bet that fans are going to get emotional every step of the way.

The CW has now released the time slot details for its fall TV schedule, so we now know when viewers can start enjoying both Supernatural and Arrow's final seasons. Supernatural will debut Season 15 on Thursday, October 10, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Lots of surprises are no doubt in store for the Winchester brothers and the other remaining characters as this long-running narrative meets its maker.

As one of The CW's most popular series for well over a decade, Supernatural is being paired with the sophomore spinoff Legacies on Thursday nights this fall, and it's a solid fit. Legacies has some eternally youthful vampires in its character base, while Supernatural has the eternally youthful Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

Meanwhile, Arrow will take a few more days to come around, with Oliver Queen's final batch of episodes reaching audiences on Tuesday, October 15, at 9:00 p.m. ET. And I'll eat my mask and costume if Arrow doesn't also give its protagonists a constant storm of surprises.

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For the first time in its to-be eight-season run, Arrow will be airing on the same night as its own follow-up drama, The Flash. That should make for a perfect match-up, with The Flash's slightly more light-hearted adventures bleeding into the darker and grittier Arrow.

As well, it's worth noting that Arrow's final season will be debuting a week after The Flash's premiere , though it's hard to gauge at this point how the October 15 start date will factor into how the end of the season fits into the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover storyline. Arrow is only getting 10 episodes to wrap things up, which would put it closing out right before Christmas if there weren't any weekly delays. (Though there will likely be some weekly delays, especially around Thanksgiving.)

Take a look at The CW's full fall schedule below, with all caps used for brand new shows. We can dig into the rest of the reveals afterward.

Sunday, October 68 p.m. - BATWOMAN9 p.m. - Supergirl Season 5Monday, October 78 p.m. - All American Season 29 p.m. - BATWOMAN (Season Premiere Encore)Tuesday, October 88 p.m. - The Flash Season 69 p.m. - BATWOMAN (Season Premiere Encore)Wedneaday, October 98 p.m. - Riverdale Season 49 p.m. - NANCY DREWThursday, October 108 p.m. - Supernatural Season 159 p.m. - Legacies Season 2Friday, October 118 p.m. - Charmed Season 29 p.m. - Dynasty Season 2Monday, October 128 p.m. - All American (Original Episode)9 p.m. - NANCY DREW (Series Premiere Encore)Tuesday, October 158 p.m. - The Flash (Original Episode)9 p.m. - Arrow Season 8Monday, October 218 p.m. - All-American Season 2 (Normal Episode)9 p.m. - Black Mirror Season 3

The other major takeaway form The CW's schedule release is that the network is making absolutely sure that its viewers will have ample chances to check out its newest Arrow-verse series, Ruby Rose's Batwoman. Not only will the dark new drama kick off on Sundays to get paired with Supergirl, but repeat episodes are also set to air the following two nights after season premieres of All American and The Flash. (Could that repeat plan be the reason why Arrow's debut is delayed.)

Arrow Isn't Giving Up On Flash-Forwards For Season 8

The other big piece of news here is that The CW's newest teen pop culture project, Nancy Drew, will be debuting on Wednesday, October 9. It's being paired up with Riverdale Season 4, which is a good move considering the youthful demographic. One wonders if Archie spinoff Katy Keene will affect this time slot in the future.

So for all your Arrow-verse, teen drama and paranormal threat needs, just head over to The CW this fall, where all of those requirements and more can be found.

Fans can currently watch most of The CW shows' most recent seasons on Netflix, though that'll be changing in the future.

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