Chace Crawford Knows How He Can Be In The Gossip Girl Reboot

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Chace Crawford knows about the Gossip Girl reboot and how he can be in it. As fans know, Crawford played the brooding Nate Archibald on the drama. Well, the actor has a pretty good idea of how Nate could be a part of things on the recently announced reboot. It entails a considerable personal development for Nate.

Chace Crawford was a guest on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen when a caller inquired about the Gossip Girl reboot. They wanted to know how Crawford felt about it and if he would be willing to participate. To which, Crawford responded, saying:

No one called me, I was really upset about it. I'm teasing. No, It's great. I mean, I could maybe come back and play a father or something, it'd be nice.

That’s right, Chace Crawford thinks that his Gossip Girl character may be a father now! It is not the craziest notion. Nate’s friends, Chuck and Blair, were revealed to have a four-year-old son in the series finale’s five-year epilogue. It makes sense that Nate could have gone on to have a child too.

It has been nearly a decade since the show went off the air. Plenty of time for Nate to have become a father. Albeit, not to a teenager. If my math is correct. The reboot is set to take place eight years after Gossip Girl's site went down.

In the five-year time jump, it was revealed that Nate had found success with The Spectator. He had a corporate jet and everything! Nate was also asked by a reporter about running to be the Mayor of New York City. Fatherhood did not seem to be as pressing a concern nor a development for Nate. Things change!

As anyone in his position would, Chace Crawford has feelings about Gossip Girl getting rebooted in the first place. Asked by Andy Cohen, how he would feel about coming back and playing a father. Cohen wondering if it would be an “ego kill,” Chace Crawford said:

When I heard about it, it just made me feel old. My birthday was last week, I heard it, I was like 'Oh my God, they're already remaking our show.' So that's a lot of fun.

In case you were curious, The Boys star just turned a youthful 34. As someone who watched the original from Day 1, it is stunning to think that Gossip Girl is already getting the reboot treatment. It seems like just yesterday that the finale aired.

On that note of nostalgia, it would be cool for some of the original cast to put in an appearance. Chace Crawford does seem open to the idea, so that is positive. Back in 2017, Crawford’s former Gossip Girl co-star Blake Lively weighed in on whether she would return for a reunion.

It would also be neat if the reboot brought back fan-favorite and voice of reason, Dorota. She would be an excellent source for updates about Blair, Serena, Nate, and the others. Hearing it from the characters reading stuff online would be less personal.

Perhaps some further distance has caused the friends to reassess their feelings about one of those friends' spouses. After all, there was that bombshell. Even if the person revealed to be Gossip Girl was not initially set to be, according to one of the show’s producers.

You can check out Chace Crawford’s Gossip Girl thoughts on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in the video below:

You can currently watch Chace Crawford on Gossip Girl via Netflix. It is streaming there along with other newly arrived content. The Gossip Girl reboot is in progress. No precise release date yet, so enjoy this summer’s premieres in the meantime.

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