Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Will Reunite Andy Samberg With Another SNL Alum

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine has attracted a wide variety of big-name guest stars over the years, both during its time on Fox and following its move to NBC. Former Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg stars as Detective Jake Peralta, and the show reunited him with several of his former SNL castmates. Although Season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is still quite a ways off, Andy Samberg revealed that he'll reunite with another SNL alum: Vanessa Bayer.

The news came courtesy of The Lonely Island Instagram, and it shows two very happy, very funny actors geared up for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Take a look!

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The post went up without any kind of caption, but it attracted comments from the official accounts of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Saturday Night Live, and former SNL star Aidy Bryant. For her part, Vanessa Bayer reposted the pic on her own Instagram account, with the caption "Wow look at these two cools!" I think it's safe to say that both former SNL actors are excited about the prospect of working together again.

Vanessa Bayer joins the ranks of SNL stars to appear on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, including Bill Hader, Tim Meadows, Maya Rudolph, Adam Sandler, Fred Armisen, and Pete Davidson. Bayer, who may be best-known for her spot-on impression of Jennifer Aniston during her Friends days, overlapped with Andy Samberg for two seasons on SNL. She left the show in 2017, after seven years.

Following her departure from Saturday Night Live, she appeared on the sitcom circuit in episodes of Will & Grace and Single Parents (with yet another SNL vet), while also appearing in a werewolf-tastic episode of What We Do in the Shadows. She's appeared several times on Drunk History as well. So, we can be pretty confident that she'll be a great fit for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, even if she didn't already have work experience with Andy Samberg.

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There will presumably be no werewolves or vampires on Brooklyn Nine-Nine for Vanessa Bayer's appearance, and I'm guessing she won't have reason to bust out the Rachel Green impression, but no details are available what part she'll play just yet. That said, the picture at least reveals that she'll be a uniformed cop whose last name starts with "Fogle." Is the name just Fogle? Or is it Fogler or Fogled or something else entirely?

Unfortunately, it'll be a while before we see Vanessa Bayer in action as a cop on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. NBC is holding the premiere of the seventh season until midseason in the 2019-2020 TV season. Fingers crossed that the midseason premiere date won't stop the Nine-Nine crew from doing another Halloween-ish episode! You can always watch (or rewatch) the first six season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu to pass the time, or check out some of the other upcoming new series.

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