Wait, Are Bachelorette Hannah And Tyler C. Going On Dancing With The Stars?

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Are Bachelorette Hannah B. and her 2019 runner-up, the extremely popular Tyler C., joining the fall 2019 cast of Dancing With the Stars? The first two contestants for DWTS Season 28 will be named this Monday morning on ABC. If -- big if -- they are the contestants, that's a good sign that they want to rekindle a relationship, but it would be confirmation that Tyler C. can't be the Bachelor. DWTS films while The Bachelor also films.

UPDATE: It looks like the GMA announcement was postponed, presumably because they needed more time to cover the real news of more shootings. DWTS later updated that the cast will be revealed on Wednesday, August 21 on Good Morning America.

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Let's start with the facts, rose-lovers. Hannah Brown's The Bachelorette just ended last Monday and Tuesday. It was extremely dramatic and got ABC a lot of viewers. The ratings went home happy, even if Bachelorette Hannah did not. Or did she? The second night of the finale showed Hannah dump her fiance Jed Wyatt and ask her runner-up Tyler Cameron out for drinks.

Paparazzi photos recently "just happened" to spot Tyler C. leaving Hannah's place in L.A. early Friday morning. Fans read into that a lot, and I'm there with them. However, what if they're not just possibly dating, but also possibly prepping for Dancing With the Stars?

Dancing With the Stars Season 28 premieres September 16 on ABC, right after Bachelor in Paradise finishes melting our brains into slush.

Good Morning America just revealed that the first two DWTS 2019 contestants will be named this Monday morning, August 5:

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Will those two contestants be Hannah B. and Tyler C.?

Tyler Cameron told TV Guide he's always wanted to do Dancing With the Stars:

As a kid, I always said I wanted to go on Dancing with the Stars and that football was going to be the way I got onto Dancing with the Stars. My football career didn’t work out, but maybe this could help me get on Dancing with Stars one day.

Tyler C. actually started his Bachelorette journey by dancing, and comparing himself to Kevin Bacon in Footloose. Watch Tyler's intro around the :12 second mark:

Tyler C. kept dancing throughout the season -- although maybe not always well:

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The Bachelorette's Twitter account even enabled fans' Tyler C. dancing love:

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But Tyler isn't the only one to dance. Don't forget that Bachelorette Hannah danced with him during his hometown date in Jupiter, Florida. The end of the clip shows her jumping into his arms as he lifts her:

Nice. Of course, if -- big if -- Hannah and Tyler C. are both on Dancing With the Stars, they would not be dancing with each other. They would be just the latest couple (if we can call them that?) to actually compete against each other in some friendly sequined rivalry.

Bachelorette Hannah would be paired with one of the male pros and Tyler C. would be partnered with one of the female pros. Hopefully sparks wouldn't fly, but the good news is that most of the pro dancers are also taken.

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What do you think? If Tyler C. and Hannah are not the two stars named for Dancing With the Stars 2019 on Monday morning, who will be named? Just one of them? Neither of them?

Don't forget that some changes are coming to DWTS 2019, but -- based on what host Tom Bergeron said -- it sounds like they will be changes fans want. Dancing With the Stars has been off the air for a full year, since the fall 2018 Season 27 ended with a win for Bobby Bones. Season 28 premieres Monday, September 16 on ABC.

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