Are Bachelorette Hannah And Tyler C. Really Getting Back Together? 'We'll See'

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Now that Wrong Reasons Jed is out of the way, will The Bachelorette 2019's Hannah Brown really get back together with her runner-up Tyler Cameron? Well, she did ask him out for drinks during the live "After the Final Rose" special, and talked about it more with Jimmy Kimmel after Tuesday's finale. Plus, he just shared the sweetest post about her. All told, I'm encouraged.

Before getting to Bachelorette Hannah's Kimmel comments, stop what you're doing and prepare to aww over what Tyler C. just posted to Hannah the morning after she asked him out:

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Swoon! So they didn't rush out to have those drinks after The Bachelorette and her Jimmy Kimmel Live taping. Part of me was hoping they'd go Full Windmill right away. But they are both looking forward to spending that time together. Not to overstate this, but this drink is my new Steve and Peggy Captain America dance. It needs to happen, and I'd like it to be endgame.

There's precedent for a Bachelor Nation rosegiver to end up with the runner-up. Jason Mesnick became the most hated Bachelor ever when he dumped Melissa Rycroft for Molly Malaney, but now Jason and Molly are married with a daughter and beloved. Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. is less beloved, but he pulled something similar when he dumped his fiancee Becca Kufrin for runner-up Lauren Burnham. Arie and Lauren are now married with a daughter too.

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel asked Bachelorette Hannah if she wishes she had picked Tyler C. in the end. Here's how she answered, and the Tyler C. drinks conversation from there:

Hannah: I mean, I definitely had feelings for [Tyler] too. I don't want to say that -- I grew, I became a lot stronger of a woman through all that I went through, so I don't want to say that I regret [picking Jed]. But [Tyler] is pretty great.Jimmy: When is the drink going to happen, do we know?Hannah: I mean, I just talked to him for the first time!Jimmy: I know, but listen -- we demand action. Your whole courtship was all over and done with in six weeks. We want that drink, we want you to get married and have a baby on television or something, right?Hannah: We're gonna start with a drink first. I'll let you know when, you'll be the first to know. [laughs] ... We'll see where the drinks go.Jimmy: I hope drinks with Tyler go well.Hannah: Me too. We'll see.Jimmy: You should probably just have a lot of them, OK?

Classic Jimmy. But now that Bachelorette fans are this invested, no joke Hannah and Tyler C. need to keep us informed of everything that happens. Oversharing is now canon in Bachelor Nation -- thanks to four times in a windmill, among other things -- so don't go getting private on us now.

Spoiler guru Reality Steve's initial spoilers for The Bachelorette Season 15 said Hannah would pick Tyler C. in the end. When he flipped it to say Hannah would pick Jed, fans were confused. How? Why? So now that it looks like Bachelorette Hannah and Tyler C. still have a shot, all seems right with the world.

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That said, how much of this is real and how much was just Bachelorette Hannah wanting to please fans and leave the season on a positive note? Plus, should Tyler C. even want to get back with Hannah after she picked Jed -- Jed! -- over him? No one deserves to be second best.

Do Hannah and Tyler even live anywhere near each other, or would they maybe have a drink in L.A. and he goes back to Florida? He does have a court date this coming week, if nothing else. Hannah is from Alabama, but I see her pursing some kind of entertainment field in L.A. Not sure about him, though.

Variety asked ABC executive Rob Mills if the network would film Hannah and Tyler's relationship, if they decide to rekindle a romance. Here's what he said:

Absolutely, but I think we have to see what is going to happen. We’ve been through a little something like this with Jason Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft and Molly [Malaney], and they took baby steps — they dated for probably a little over a year before she moved and then they got engaged and married, but it’s pretty amazing how that ended up working out great for them, and they’re married and now have a child and are very happy together. So maybe this would be something where Hannah and Tyler would take small steps. But yes, I’m sure we’d want to figure out a way to document that for Bachelor Nation because there is a lot of love for both of these people.

Yep, there's a lot of love for Tyler and Hannah. Maybe we're too invested in this, but The Bachelorette 2019 is so close to being salvaged. I want my own TV time to not have been wasted.

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The only downside of this is Tyler C. is probably out of the running to be the 2020 Bachelor -- unless he and Hannah make a statement that they're better off as friends. The drinks may lead nowhere, and if that's the case, they'd better make it clear ASAP so Tyler C. can still be considered. Here's what Hannah had to say about her choice(s) for the next Bachelor.

They -- ABC and the producers -- have about six weeks to figure it out while Bachelor in Paradise airs, since the next Bachelor won't be announced until after the spinoff. Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC. I'm still wondering if John Paul Jones has a serious shot at the Bachelor. I'm not pushing for that myself, but the show has been giving him heavy promotion.

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