Hawaii Five-0 Adds Former Arrow Star To Season 10, But Is Anyone Leaving The Cast?

To say that Hawaii Five-0 ended Season 9 on a wild note is putting it lightly, as the finale “"Hana Mao 'ole ka ua o Waianae” ended with a woman pulling a gun and opening fire inside the Five-0, without a clear sign of who ended up taking the brunt of the attack. Nothing has been updated on that front, but Hawaii Five-0’s casting of a new series regular might mean someone else is making an exit for a new character to serve as a replacement.

For the upcoming Season 10 kicking off in September, Hawaii Five-0 is bringing in Arrow vet Katrina Law, who recurred as the villainous Nyssa al Ghul on the CW superhero drama. In Hawaii Five-0, she will not be playing the daughter of a semi-immortal criminal, believe it or not.

Instead, Katrina Law will take on the role of Quinn Liu. Quinn was a Staff Sergeant within the Army's Criminal Investigation Division, but she was demoted for insubordination. Naturally, she ends up crossing paths with the Five-0 during a case involving war veterans, and Quinn ends up falling into place as a loyal squad member.

Considering her past, Quinn definitely has a key understanding of military life and culture, along with lots of other connected know-how, including the ability to speak a handful of different languages. She also has a mysterious past, which seems like a de facto need for any character joining a CBS drama ten seasons into its run.

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Most importantly to anyone wondering whether or not Alex O'Loughlin's Steve McGarrett survived the Hawaii Five-0 season finale, TVLine reports that Katrina Law's Quinn will be able to "match wits" with McGarrett. So unless that's just a weirdly snide way of saying Quinn can only keep up conversations with a corpse, McGarrett didn't suffer any fatal injuries when Omar Hassan's wife took her shot in last season's cliffhanger.

Showrunner Peter Lenkov shared the following statement about Katrina Law's casting:

We are thrilled to have Katrina join the [cast]. She dazzles as Quinn, the team’s newest recruit, and viewers are going to love seeing how she first encounters McGarrett and Danny. If you know the show well, you’ll be feeling some déjà vu.

It sounds like Peter Lenkov and the rest of the creative team are finding ways to quickly cement Katrina Law's Quinn within the core Five-0 team. That has to be greatly reassuring for the actress, since it's not always the easiest thing to join a long-established drama as a character immediately meant to be accepted by audiences.

But the bigger question in all of this is...is Quinn merely being added in as as extra addition to the Five-0, or will she be serving as a replacement team member? McGarrett and Danny are obviously safe, since their introduction to Quinn is so memorable. But what about Jorge Garcia's Jerry?

Since the Season 9 finale, Jorge Garcia's tech-savvy "consultant" Jerry Ortega has arguably been the character most suspected of getting killed off of Hawaii Five-0, if mostly due to the fact that Steve McGarrett almost definitely wasn't going anyway. Jerry joined the show in Season 4, though he didn't become a series regular until Season 5, though he has retained that distinction since.

Perhaps Jerry, McGarrett or some other character only got injured from a gunshot wound, instead of dying from it. That can happen in a cliffhanger, right? If Joan Collins can happen on this show, anything can.

Katrina Law has reprised the role of Nyssa al Ghul at least once in each season of Arrow since debuting in Season 2, and one would expect to see her returning in some way for Arrow's final season this fall. Beyond that, she spent the past few years working in broadcast TV with Training Day, and in online streaming with Facebook Watch's Sacred Lies and Crackle's The Oath. She will soon be seen in the comedy Zeroes, from director Charles Smith, as well as the Uta Briesewitz drama Alive with Ryan Philippe.

Hawaii Five-0 will return to CBS to kick off Season 10 with new cast member Katrina Law on Friday, September 27, at 8:00 p.m. ET. The long-running drama will now lead the night, and will be followed up by Magnum P.I. and then Blue Bloods. Now to keep hoping for a triple-show crossover, which isn't out of the question.

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