Legacies And Supernatural 'Could Absolutely' Have a Crossover, According To Julie Plec

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According to Legacies showrunner Julie Plec, the Vampire Diaries spinoff and its CW-mate Supernaturalcould totally have a crossover in the future. That is the verdict that Plec has arrived at, anyway, years after another crossover was being talked about. Legacies and Supernatural share a lot in common, after all, particularly elements of the "supernatural" variety.

Julie Plec has revealed that she thinks a crossover between Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries spinoff could actually happen, presumably in the near-ish future, considering Supernatural is coming to an end after Season 15. As she says it, this feeling was one she did not have when it came to Legacies’ mothership series mashing up with the veteran horror drama. At the 2019 Summer TCA Press Tour, Plec explained (via Decider):

We got offered that Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries. The network said, ‘Hey would you be interested in crossing over with Supernatural?’ and we said no because our worlds didn’t match. We didn’t at the time deal with things like heaven and hell and demons. But I feel like in Legacies, a show where everything goes, we could absolutely cross paths with the Winchesters.

This is interesting! The CW initially tossed out the idea for a Supernatural crossover with The Vampire Diaries, which the latter ended up turning down, since those two series’ worlds being too far apart to make one work. When it comes to Legacies and its many different kinds of creatures and ethereal beings, Julie Plec feels like the still-growing drama and Supernatural would be an okay match.

If a crossover were going to happen, both shows would have to connect on it pretty quickly. While Legacies is heading into its second season, Supernatural is heading into its fifteenth and final season. Legacies’ showrunner is clearly down for a team-up. But how does Supernatural’s head creative maestro?

Fans no doubt remember fondly when Supernatural previously crossed over with Scooby-Doo for a memorable episode. (That installment went so well, it led CinemBlend’s Laura Hurley to suggest six other cartoons for Supernatural to crossover with, which we'd still be down with.)

If not cartoons, though, what about other CW series? While at the 2019 Summer TCA Press Tour, series showrunner Andrew Dabb was asked by CinemaBlend's Nick Venable about the potential of Supernatural crossing over with other CW shows. Here's how Dabb put it, going so far as to bring up The Vampire Diaries.

You know, it's hard because Sam and Dean and their world doesn't mesh with a lot of good TV. We used to joke like, if they were in a crossover with Vampire Diaries, they would have to just kill everybody, you know what I mean? Unfortunately, that's how that would have to end. I don't know that I see Sam and Dean solving a mystery with Katy Keene or Nancy Drew. I'm just not sure that they'd totally track over there. . . . But no, to me, Supernatural is singular in a lot of ways, and in a good way. We did the Scooby-Doo thing and that was a lot of fun, and that really worked. It worked so well, that afterward, we were talking about it like, 'How do we do it again?' But I think at the end of the day, it was like, you don't try to force those things. And so we kind of just put the focus on, especially this season, making this the best version of the show we can, and really kind of focusing in on what hopefully we do well.

Based on what Supernatural’s showrunner said, Supernatural’s crossover days may be behind it. What is also interesting is what Andrew Dabb had to say about doing a Vampire Diaries crossover, considering he would leave just about everyone for dead.. Obviously, not all of the supernatural inhabitants of The Vampire Diaries universe are evil, so would the Winchesters have to kill everyone on the spinoff? It is a big question.

Supernatural is a singular show unto itself. Hence, getting a spinoff of it to work has not been possible so far, without anyone able to precisely mimic the flagship's tone and camaraderie. Rather than thinking about any follow-ups or any gimmicky ideas, Supernatural’s showrunner sounds as though he wants to understandably focus on concluding the series.

Fans of both Supernatural and Legacies may enjoy the chance to see a crossover between the two. For now, it sounds as if it may not come together just yet. The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural did not work out, but who knows? Maybe, Supernatural will eventually get a spinoff off the ground and it can then crossover with Legacies, or maybe Sam and Dean can just stop by Legacies after Supernatural is done with.

For now, you can find the shows airing their new seasons separately this fall. Legacies Season 2 premieres Thursday, October 10 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Supernatural returns for its final season with its Season 15 premiere Thursday, October at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, along with many other fall favorites. You can currently catch up on Legacies and Supernatural on Netflix, alongside a vast array of other premieres.

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