Supernatural has tried just about every wacky way to put on an episode by this point in the thirteenth season, and the Scooby-Doo crossover may be the show's wackiest episode to date as Sam, Dean, and Castiel were sent into an animated adventure to interact with (and totally disillusion) the Scooby gang. The "Scoobynatural" crossover produced solid ratings for Supernatural, which leads us to wonder if more animated crossovers could happen. Read on for our picks of the best animated shows that could totally fit with Supernatural!

The Flintstones

The Winchester boys are no strangers to traveling back in time, but being sent back to a prehistoric time that has dinosaurs coexisting with people in animated glory? That would be a new one. Given Dean's enthusiasm for Scooby-Doo, it would make sense if he also watched The Flintstones as a kid, and I can practically already hear him yelling "Yabba dabba doo!" If the Impala didn't cross over with them like it did in "Scoobynatural," they would have to improvise weapons with whatever the Flintstones and Co. have on hand. They'd have a hard time getting their hands on iron, let alone shotguns and holy oil. Oh, the shenanigans that would ensue! Would Dean hit on Betty and Wilma like he did on Daphne? Probably, and he'd probably get the same results as he did with Daphne.

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