How Jamie Feels About That Life-Altering Yellowstone Bombshell, According To Wes Bentley

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Spoilers ahead for the penultimate episode of Yellowstone Season 2.

Yellowstone’s Wes Bentley has revealed how Jamie feels about the life-altering bombshell that dropped in Season 2, Episode 9. In the latest episode, Jamie’s ex-girlfriend Christina (Katherine Cunningham) asked to meet. What she had to tell him was not what he expected, according to Bentley. Jamie has had a lot going on lately.

He and Christina ended things earlier this season on Yellowstone after Jamie decided to drop out of the race for Attorney General. Jamie subsequently returned home, ignoring what he had done while away. He has not been shown talking to Christina since. She was shown watching television as the fate of the reporter Jamie murdered made the news.

That brings us to the revelation that Christina shared with Jamie. She told him that she is pregnant and that he is the father. The last thing that Jamie was expecting to hear was that his ex-girlfriend is expecting. Wes Bentley broke down the surprising twist, telling Yellowstone’s Behind the Story featurette:

Jamie thinks that this is a meeting about what's happened with Sarah. He's almost certain she would know. Only to find out that we have a child coming. . . I think Jamie had resigned himself to being single for the rest of his life and that's just the way it was going to be because of commitment to the family. So, the idea of a kid, I don't even think he can put that together in the moment, except that he knows immediately that kid might be in danger.

It makes sense that Jamie thought the meeting was about the murder he committed. To my surprise, Christina seemed to not suspect him of having a part in it. That she is willing to even have Jamie be a part of the baby’s life speaks to her lack of suspicion. I doubt she would be open to it otherwise.

Now to the rest of what Wes Bentley shared after revealing that Jamie thinks that his baby is in danger! That is not entirely surprising because not too long ago, he felt his dad and Kayce (Luke Grimes) had taken him out to kill him. Already fearful for his own life, Jamie is also concerned for his baby and its mother. Why?

Wes Bentley explained Jamie’s concerns after Jamie received Christina’s ultimatum. She made it clear to him. It is either Jamie’s family or theirs. Bentley shared Jamie’s mindset, saying:

It's a moment of desperation again for Jamie where he's got to figure out what to do about this because Christina is not the kind of person who's going to help him keep quiet. You know, we've got these threats from Beth, we've got an obvious broken relationship with his father who is a dangerous man. And what's going to happen to the kid and to Christina and the future of the Duttons if this is another Dutton? I don't know.

If this is another Dutton? Should Yellowstone fans be suspicious of this baby’s paternity? Or should they be skeptical there is a baby at all? Yellowstone showed Christina seeing the news about the murdered reporter for a reason. Is she working with the authorities to get Jamie to say something incriminating by claiming she is having his baby?

It does not seem beyond the realm of possibilities. There is also what Wes Bentley says about the danger the baby is in. I cannot see John (Kevin Costner) hurting a pregnant woman. As Bentley points out that is not the only Dutton that Jamie feels is dangerous. He also mentions the threat recently made by Beth.

In the episode before last, she threatened to take the first person who loves Jamie away from him. Even if she had to kill it with her "bare hands." What Beth said has to be taken seriously. Her mysterious hatred for Jamie is well-known and has become even more heated this season on Yellowstone. Would she actually hurt a baby? I hope not. Of course, there is danger coming from outside of the Dutton family as well.

A lot is going on heading into Yellowstone’s Season 2 finale, including the debut of another acting legend. Hopefully, Jamie can keep this life-altering news to himself as he works out what it means. Tate getting kidnapped and the danger surrounding the family cannot be the most assuring thing for the maybe father-to-be to consider, as he weighs his options.

Find out where Jamie starts leaning on his baby bombshell when the Season 2 finale of Yellowstone airs next Wednesday, August 28 at 10 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network. After Yellowstone’s current season ends, there will be many fall premieres to watch waiting for Season 3.

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