Is Yellowstone Killing Off A Dutton In The Season 2 Finale?

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Spoilers for Yellowstone Season 2, Episode 9 (“Enemies by Monday”) are discussed below.

Is Yellowstone killing off a Dutton in the Season 2 finale? Season finales are when many shows throw down the death of a major character. Episode 9 (“Enemies by Monday”) certainly did not put those concerns at ease. It turns out that fans should be worried about John’s grandson, Tate (Brecken Merrill).

Towards the end of the latest Yellowstone, John (Kevin Costner) realized that Tate had not returned from feeding his horse, and he never did. The dark twist was hinted at as a fierce wind tore through the ranch, and a sense of dread was not far behind. Tate is missing and most likely in the hands of Malcolm Beck (Neal McDonough).

The thing is, Yellowstone did not actually show viewers who took Tate. All we know is that he is gone and Kayce’s discovery of one of the boy’s boots does not bode well for his whereabouts. Last week’s episode did not directly confirm who Malcolm Beck was going after. Leaving it between Kayce’s wife, Monica (Kelsey Asbille), and their son.

It is hard to believe it is not the Becks who have kidnapped Tate. However, that earlier situation with the cows and Dan Jenkins could spell a similar frame job. Is someone doing to the Becks what they did to Dan? Time will tell. If Tate is with the Becks, that is awful news.

They are the worst. Malcolm Beck was behind the brutal attack on Beth. That is a sign they have no limits to what they are capable of, including when it comes to Tate. Still, Yellowstone having harm come to John’s grandson is tough to fathom.

The good news is that Monica is safe for now. It turns out that it was her who Beth was comforting in that earlier clip. However, she had fallen because she was upset about Kayce finding Tate’s boot, not because she was injured in any way. Thus, ruling out the potential of harm coming to her in the scenes from the trailer.

The Duttons are still in danger, and the efforts to rescue Tate will require everyone working together. Unfortunately, Kayce (Luke Grimes) implanted what appeared to be an explosive device to the Becks’ plane. That was not the best decision. What if it goes off and Malcolm has Tate on the plane with him?

Something tells me that was not the right decision, and it will have consequences. In other news:

Beth (Kelly Reilly) came to Monica’s rescue after the latter was horribly mistreated in a store. Monica was harassed over false shoplifting allegations. The sisters-in-law did end up bonding afterward, which was nice. Hopefully Yellowstone keeps letting their relationship grow. I wish Beth would stop trying to convince Monica and Kayce to leave the ranch every five seconds.

Jamie’s ex-girlfriend is pregnant, and she gave him an ultimatum. Choose their baby, or his father. What will Jamie (Wes Bentley) decide? Well, he thought his dad and brother were going to kill him in a recent Yellowstone episode, so who knows. Also, what on earth did Jamie tell his ex and the reporter about his dad? How bad is it?

No more clues came in about why Beth hates Jamie. Why? Because Beth actually refrained from saying anything hateful to her brother in this episode. Her not verbally attacking him was among the episode’s most shocking developments.

Will the Duttons, Rip (Cole Hauser), and the rest of the cowboys be able to save Tate? I really hope so. It seems like the Duttons winning against the Becks without suffering any casualties is doubtful. However, they make the show, so why not? Will Monica still stay on the ranch with Tate after this? I thought there were a lot of questions before.

Tune in to see how the Duttons (hopefully) rescue Tate when the Season 2 finale of Yellowstone airs next Wednesday, August 28 at 10 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network. While waiting for the hit show to return, there will be many fall premieres to help fill the empty part of your day.

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