Disney+'s WandaVision Is Bringing Back Two Surprising MCU Characters

Randal Park in Ant-Man and the Wasp

Kat Dennings in Thor the Dark World

Marvel Studios dropped a lot of information about its plans for Disney+ at San Diego Comic-Con this year, but if you thought that was all there was to say, think again. Kevin Feige appeared at the Disney+ panel at the D23 Expo today to talk more in depth about those shows, and he revealed that the series WandaVision will see the return of two quite unexpected characters, Randall Park's FBI Agent Woo and Thor's Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis.

Kat Dennings character Darcy hasn't been seen since she was alongside Natalie Portman in Thor: The Dark World. Randall Park played the FBI agent tasked with keeping Scott Lang under house arrest in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Not only was nobody really expecting to see these characters again, we certainly weren't expecting to see them alongside Scarlet Witch and Vision, two characters they had no contact with previously.

Randal Park in Ant-Man and the Wasp

Randall Park's Jimmy Woo was one of the comedy highlights of Ant-Man and the Wasp, so it's great to see him back for any reason. While my research has shown that not everybody loved Kat Dennings in the first two Thor films, I'm fairly confident those people are crazy and having her back is going to be excellent.

With both Kat Dennings and Natalie Portman returning to the MCU, one certainly has to wonder if the pair could end up reunited in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Park and Dennings aren't the only actors joining the cast of WandaVision. Teyonah Parris will be playing the role of Monica Rambeau, the adult version of the child we met in Captain Marvel. Kathryn Hahn will also be joining the new series in the role of a "nosy neighbor."

Exactly how any of these characters will be used in the film is anybody's guess.

With Woo, Darcy, and Monica Rambeau all becoming part of WandaVision, the series is becoming a who's who of the MCU. Considering the fact that Paul Bettany will be back playing Vision at all, there's an expectation that the series will deal with altering reality. Perhaps that's why so many faces we know will end up in one place.

The other reason all of these interesting characters appearing in WandaVision is potentially important, is that we also know the series will lead into the MCU movie that follows it, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Elizabeth Olsen will be co-starring in that movie alongside Benedict Cumberbatch. Whatever these characters get up to in the series has the potential to be important in the movie.

WandaVision is certainly shaping up to me an impressive looking show. Now if only we could actually see it. The show currently has a Spring 2021 release date on the Disney+ service, which means it will likely be some time before we really get a chance to get our eyes on it.

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