The Conners' Johnny Galecki Shares First Look At Return In Season 2

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Yes, he's back! Now that The Big Bang Theory is over, Johnny Galecki is making time for more episodes of The Conners Season 2.

Johnny Galecki brought back his Roseanne character David Healy for two episodes of The Conners Season 1. The Season 1 finale ended with David breaking up with his girlfriend Blue (Juliette Lewis) and making his pitch to Darlene (Sara Gilbert) for her to stay there and not move to Chicago with Ben (Jay R. Ferguson). Darlene ultimately decided to stay in Lanford, telling Ben it was because she couldn't leave her dad (John Goodman). But David may still be a factor -- with or without his pants on.

Johnny Galecki teased his Season 2 return with a photo of David sandwiched between Darlene and Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) as they help him with his pants.

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Awww. It is kind of amazing how long these characters have been beloved guests in our own living rooms. Johnny Galecki joined the Roseanne cast in Season 4 in 1992 and had a role on the show until it ended in 1997. He has been very fortunate in his sitcom success, since 10 years after Roseanne ended he hit the jackpot as one of the leads of The Big Bang Theory.

Speaking of The Big Bang Theory, one recurring star on that show was Wil Wheaton, who replied to Johnny Galecki's heartfelt post with his own wistful words:

We are so lucky when our TV families become our actual families.

Very sweet. The Roseanne cast went through a tough time when the show was abruptly cancelled after its big ratings-win of a return, following star Roseanne Barr's social media comments. The show was rebranded as The Conners without Roseanne, following the rest of the family.

After The Conners Season 1 finale in January 2019, Johnny Galecki was asked about maybe returning to The Conners full-time for Season 2. He said he'd rather return as David on a recurring basis:

I think I need a little bit of space from being a series regular again [after The Big Bang Theory]. ... I certainly hope to visit as much as possible. hat’s kind of my second home… I still have a bit of a high school crush on that character.

Sara Gilbert, who is an executive producer on The Conners as well as the actress who plays Darlene, also told TVLine she was very hopeful about having Johnny Galecki back in Season 2.

I know he loves doing the show. I love having him. We have a magical time together.

And now Johnny Galecki has confirmed he'll be back in The Conners Season 2 for "one or two more stories," whatever that might entail.

September is almost here! Seems like the summer flew by, but The Conners Season 2 premiere is right around the corner on Tuesday, September 24 at 8 p.m. EST. Here's everything we know so far about Season 2 to get you back up-to-speed.

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