Netflix's Marianne Looks Like The Freakiest Horror Show Of 2019 In New Trailer

Marianne Netflix

Horror television has been on a roll for quite a while now with several acclaimed series like American Horror Story and The Haunting of Hill House capturing America's attention. Now, horror fans may have another new obsession to dive into as Halloween draws ever closer, thanks to a new foreign show with a creepy vibe called Marianne.

This French series centers on a famous horror writer, and the nightmare witch that's haunted her dreams and also inspired the stories she's written. When the writer is drawn back to her hometown she learns that the evil spirit, Marianne, is alive and causing trouble around town. That's enough to set the stage for the trailer, which is riddled with enough scary images that viewers may not want to watch if they're headed to bed anytime soon.

Well, that was all plenty terrifying. Marianne does not look to be the kind of witch to be trifled with as the trailer highlights folks with horrific cuts all over their body, suicide, and a man floating and doing his best impression of a snake unhinging its jaw. That's quite a lot of havoc for one evil spirit to reek, so hopefully that novelist can figure out a way to defeat her before that whole town is destroyed.

One of the interesting parts of this Marianne trailer is that most of the horror scenes featured take place during daylight. Knowing that scary things can happen during day or night should keep viewers on edge throughout the series, which is usually a component of all good horror shows. After all, who can relax watching a show that has freaky characters like the one seen below chilling out in houses midday?

Marianne Netflix

There's definitely a The Haunting of Hill House vibe with Marianne, at least from a visual perspective. The scares and freaky imagery appear to be on the same level at least, even if the stories between the two are completely different. Ok, both main characters are authors who profited off traumatic supernatural experiences in their youth, but beyond that, Marianne looks to be its own thing.

So, who is Marianne? The trailer for the Netflix original shows a few creepy women who look rather witchy, but it seems like the old woman featured in the back half of the trailer is some manifestation of the spirit in question. If not, what the hell is she doing creeping in people's rooms and threatening to stab them to death?

Marianne Netflix

There are so many questions in this Marianne trailer for Netflix subscribers to learn more about. All they have to do is be brave enough to watch, and maybe overcome an intolerance of watching a series with French subtitles!

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Marianne is set to arrive on Netflix Friday, September 13 at 12:01 a.m. PT. Stick with CinemaBlend for more on what's happening on Netflix and for more news on what's happening in television and movies.

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