How The Ghost Sex TV Lady Feels About All The Media Attention

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So many nutty things happen in the world on a regular basis that it would be easy to forget that there's been one woman telling the world all about her adventures in ghost sex for a while now. Amethyst Realm, who lists her profession as "spiritual guidance counselor," has gotten quite a bit of media attention for many months now because she went public with her many love affairs with ghosts, and her engagement to one spirit in particular.

As you might imagine, this has led to Realm becoming a bit of a public figure. And, she's spoken in an interview about how she feels about all this attention. Here's what she had to say:

It seems that the world at the moment is really interested in the concept of alternative relationships versus the traditional ones that everyone has. Of course, I expect some people to disbelieve me. I hope I’ve made those that are having the same experiences as me feel a little more comfortable with it. Or those that aren’t satisfied with a normal, mainstream relationship can feel like there is an alternative.

I have to give props to Amethyst Realm, here. You would think that someone unused to being interviewed on a large scale would respond to a question about what telling their story to the public has meant with lots of revelations about how their life has changed, but Realm doesn't do that. In her talk with Dangerous Minds, she actually puts the spotlight on others who desire an alternative relationship of some kind, and how her coming out, hopefully, makes other people feel more comfortable with the idea of non-traditional romances.

Of course, there's a big difference between, say, entering into a relationship with someone several decades older or younger than you, and getting booed-up (pun intended) with a ghost. But, Realm seems to figure that whether you're in her situation or not, her talking about her spectral sex experiences has helped a lot of people feel more at ease with whatever new type of romance they're looking for.

In fact, later in the interview, Realm says that she's gotten many requests from people for her ghost fiancé (known to her as Ray) to set them up with some of his phantom friends. Because she really wants to help people, Realm is even preparing a book to guide humanity through the process of seducing a ghost, so that she can "educate some people and maybe help them along their path." Although, at least one other woman who married a ghost would probably not recommend such apparition activities.

I am already intrigued by the possibilities of this guidebook, and, if nothing else, the idea of entering a lifetime ( of wedded bliss with a ghost might really make people come down on folks less for marrying someone old enough to be their grandparent. Whether you believe that Amethyst Realm has had many sexual relationships with ghosts or not, at least that's a good thing, right?

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