Limetown Trailer: Jessica Biel Looks For Hundreds Of Vanished People In Cliffhanger-Heavy Mystery

Limetown Jessica Biel Lia Haddock Facebook Watch
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The trailer for the Jessica Biel starrer Limetown shows off the cliffhanger-heavy mystery to come! In the Facebook Watch series, hundreds of people have vanished from the eponymous town. Biel stars as Lia Haddock, an American Public Radio journalist, who digs into the mystery that has rocked the Tennessee community.

It looks like a thrilling ride is ahead! Watch Jessica Biel begin her investigation in the Limetown trailer, below:

Who can’t scare her? Jessica Biel’s character opens the Limetown trailer telling some force on the other side of her door that they cannot frighten her. Who is she talking too? Is it a person or a team of people?

The Limetown trailer already has me asking a bunch of questions. But, because this is a teaser for a mystery series, that should be a good sign of what is to come on the Facebook Watch series. This is my first introduction into the world of Limetown, but it may not be yours.

Like Amazon’s Homecoming and the Bravo-turned-USA hit series Dirty John, Limetown is based on a podcast, which shares its name. This, obviously, is a popular trend at the moment.

Limetown will premiere Wednesday, October 16 at 3 p.m. ET on Facebook Watch. New episodes will subsequently debut every Wednesday on Limetown’s Facebook page. There is a reason you will want to follow it.

Almost all of Limetown’s episodes are said to end with an “edge-of-your-seat cliffhanger.” A strategy that should leave viewers wanting more of the series! Cliffhangers tend to be a great way to keep you hooked. Jessica Biel, meanwhile, is no stranger to mysteries. She was at the center of one in the first season of USA’s The Sinner.

Limetown recalls that series’ grim and gritty tonality. However, the premise calls to mind HBO’s Leftovers, which also featured the abrupt disappearance of a vast array of people. Hundreds of people vanishing at once is a terrifying thought, and Limetown’s trailer shows off how it will set itself apart in tackling the scenario.

Jessica Biel’s Lia Haddock is trying to solve the mystery after it has lingered for 15 years. Lia also shares a personal connection to the tragedy; her uncle, Emile (Stanley Tucci), is among the people who went missing from the neuroscience research community. You can catch a glimpse of Tucci in what appears to be flashbacks in the trailer.

As someone who has not heard the podcast, I suspect that Limetown’s connection to neuroscience plays a vital role in the mystery.

Overall, can you think of a better series to get your thrill on as late October begins its chilly reign? There is something about mysteries and fall that work well together, so Limetown is perfectly timed in that regard.

As demonstrated in The Sinner, Jessica Biel can anchor a mystery series. It will be interesting to see how this one is received. Limetown premieres Wednesday, October 16 at 3 p.m. ET with two episodes on Facebook Watch. The Jessica Biel starrer is one of the many shows premiering this fall.

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