First Trailer For Julia Roberts' TV Show Homecoming Is Creepy And Captivating

Julia Roberts is heading to the small screen in a couple of big ways, and fans have been eager to see any footage related to one of her two upcoming television projects. Amazon has obliged by dropping the first trailer for Homecoming, which looks to be a drama that's both creepy and captivating in equal doses.

"Captivating" perhaps isn't typically a word used to describe a 43-second trailer that's jam-packed with establishing shots and a single, teensy line of dialogue, but that just goes to show the potential that Homecoming has. Julia Roberts is, of course, an iconic actress with the ability to turn any small line into something so much larger and her presence is only elevated by director Sam Esmail, who created the highly acclaimed Mr. Robot. Together the two rocked this trailer full of somewhat normal events, and created a level of tension that will certainly pique the interest of streaming audiences.

What's most impressive is that Homecoming creates this ominous tone using little more than some empty space and a Radiohead song. There are other subtle touches, of course, like the phone off the hook and the voids within these modern spaces. Also, that fish really pushed the indication that all is not well within this narrative. That would appear to be the point anyway, as psychological thrillers don't typically feature happy people in ideal situations.

Homecoming doesn't break that tradition, and features Julia Roberts as a caseworker named Heidi who works for a secret government organization, The Homecoming Transitional Support Center, which was set up to help soldiers return to their civilian lives. Heidi seems content with her work, although when she's questioned by the Department of Defense years later about her work and the facility, she begins to understand her old job had much more going on with it than what she was aware of.

For those out of the loop, Julia Roberts' Homecoming is actually a TV adaptation of a fictional podcast of the same name. The original work featured stars like Oscar Isaac, David Schwimmer, and Catherine Keener, but Roberts will be the newcomer for the Amazon show. The Homecoming trailer gave us our first look at her portrayal of Heidi, although in truth that's about all the trailer gave viewers outside of those spooky vibes. Perhaps a later trailer for the series will showcase the star-studded cast that also includes Stephan James, Bobby Cannavale, Sissy Spacek and more.

Interested viewers should be sure to tune into Amazon Prime Video (opens in new tab) on Friday, November 2, to catch Season 1 of Homecoming. For more on Julia Roberts, check out this hilarious video where she re-enacted her entire career in an extremely short amount of time. Visit our Amazon and Netflix premiere guides to stay up to date on what else is coming to streaming, and hit up our summer premiere guide is also a handy resource for finding out what's coming to television during the summer months.

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