New Amsterdam Season 2 First Look Reveals One Crash Survivor, So Who Died?

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New Amsterdam Season 2's first look reveals one crash survivor, so who died? Fans of the medical drama will recall the heartrending finale that left three of the show’s characters in jeopardy. Dr. Helen Sharpe, Dr. Lauren Bloom, and Max’s wife, Georgia, all had their lives hanging in the balance after the ambulance they were in crashed.

For the entire summer, fans have been left to speculate on its consequences. After the finale aired, New Amsterdam executive producer David Schulner revealed that someone was getting killed off. The question has been which of New Amsterdam’s characters it would be. Georgia and Lauren had been spotted after the wreckage. However, Helen was not shown amid the grim aftermath.

Thanks to the first look video, fans can see Helen is alive at one point in the premiere. Where was she and why was she not visible in the finale? Hopefully, answers are forthcoming in the premiere. In the teaser, the New Amsterdam cast discusses the cliffhanger, what is in store for the Season 2 premiere, and more! See a living Helen below:

Helen and Georgia are both shown alive, as is Lauren, who can be seen getting operated on. It could really go any way with one of them developing complications after the fact. Medical dramas have a tendency to make you think everything is all right before some heartbreaking twist changes it.

In all honesty, I think that Georgia will be the one who dies. Several clues hint at this. Among them is the quick glimpse of Max carrying baby Luna around at work. Based on the video, we know that happens three months after the accident. Why is he doing that?

Theoretically, Max could have taken his daughter to work because Georgia or a sitter could not watch her. Or, could it be because Georgia has passed away? Or maybe, he just wants to be close to his daughter, while Georgia handles something for the day. Previewing Season 2, New Amsterdam executive producer David Schulner told TVLine:

There’s good news to celebrate in the present, even though there’s an emotional cost that rears its head from the past.

That is a pretty cryptic tease. Given what was shown in the video, it makes all the more sense. The Season 2 premiere will be going between the present and the past. What “rears its head” from the past and who will it impact? Stay tuned.

The casting of a new character for Season 2 seemed to indicate something regarding Helen’s fate. However, I fully expect Helen to survive and eventually resume her career at the hospital. She is a lead character.

It is next to impossible for me to believe that New Amsterdam would kill her off. Helen was a leading presence throughout the show’s first season. Plus, her relationship with Max is one of the cornerstones of the series. The show would not be the same without her.

Find out who survives the premiere! New Amsterdam is among many shows returning this fall. Season 2 premieres Tuesday, September 24, at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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