Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won The Final 4 Veto, And Who Will They Evict?

Big Brother 21 Jackson Holly on the nomination wall CBS

SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Who won Big Brother 21's Final 4 Power of Veto, aka the most important Veto of any season, and will it be used? Only one person can vote at this stage of the game. It's the Veto holder, unless the HOH won the Veto competition, which did not happen in the 2019 season. Nicole Anthony is the HOH, because Holly Allen threw the endurance comp to her (and Holly is now very pissed off about it).

The Veto competition was held on Saturday, September 14, 2019. Here are the results:

Who Is On The Block? Nicole nominated Holly and Jackson Michie, but that doesn't matter much this week.Who Won The Veto? JacksonWill The Veto Be Used? Yep.Who Will Be The Final Nominees? The Veto Ceremony is usually held Monday, but for this week it might be on the live Thursday episode. The final nominees will be Holly and Cliff Hogg III.Who Can Vote For Eviction? Just Jackson. One vote. All powerful. His ego must be off the charts right now.Who Will Be Evicted? Cliff. It won't be Holly, that's for damn sure. Cliff might think he has a deal with Jackson -- Cliff did tell both Nicole and Jackson he planned to evict Holly if he won Veto -- but he doesn't. Nicole is HOH and isn't going anywhere. This is why Cliff and Nicole should've broken up Jackson and Holly back in the double eviction.Who Are The Final Three? We're looking at a Final 3 of Jackson, Nicole, and Holly. This is exactly what I was trying to avoid, and why Jackson was such a huge threat they needed to take out sooner, and why the Final 4 deal with Jackson and Holly was always best for Jackson and Holly. Jackson was crying and saying "We did it" after the Veto win. The "we" is himself and Holly. He knows he has a great chance to win the whole season now. Holly would take him to Final 2 if she happened to win the Final HOH. Nicole would probably still take Holly. Damn. Just hand Jackson the $500,000. Unless ... Nicole for Final HOH!

At lot has happened in the past couple of days, despite Big Brother 21 being down to the small table with only four houseguests. We know about (but didn't get to watch on the feeds) the big fight between Jackson and Tommy Bracco before Tommy's eviction. That whole Final 4 deal blowout has repercussions this week.

Big Brother 21 Jackson won Final 4 Power of Veto CBS

Jackson felt guilty for lying about Tommy to keep Holly in the game, but also mad that -- in his opinion -- Cliff and Nicole went back on their Final 4 word and forced his hand. Holly was also mad that Nicole and Cliff went back on their Final 4 deal, and even more angry that they demanded she throw the Final 4 HOH comp as part of her deal to stay into this week.

Apparently Holly was also supposed to throw Veto, but she cut a new deal (all these stupid deals, enough) that she would gun for Veto and take out Jackson with it. (She would never.) Jackson also made a deal to take Cliff and Nicole to Final 3, and for a minute there he seemed to have a Final 2 with Cliff that neither one actually meant. It's been a weird week.

There's no way Cliff and Nicole could ever believe Holly and Jackson would really turn on each other. EXCEPT WAIT. Right after the Veto competition, Cliff did seem to think Jackson would really take him to Final 3:

Amazing. Before the Veto comp, Cliff had told Nicole he planned to vote out Holly, not Jackson, if he won the Veto. That's another argument for Jackson to win and another argument against Cliff winning anything.

Nicole had said she wanted to target Jackson. Nicole can't vote as HOH, but Cliff said if she won the Veto he'd vote however she wanted to respect her wishes -- but of course he'd also make sure Jackson knew it was Nicole voting him out, not him. Jury management. (Not that Jackson wouldn't see through it and respect Nicole's open move more than Cliff's evasion.)

Frankly, those deals were a waste of time. Holly and Jackson were always sticking together, period. Cliff and Nicole were always sticking together, period. Nicole had already made it to Final 3. Now Jackson has definitely made it as well. There's only room for one more. Sorry, Cliff.

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