Big Brother Spoilers: Holly Calls Nicole 'Arrogant' And 'Bullying' Over Final 4 HOH

Big Brother 21 Holly Allen after Final 4 HOH thrown comp CBS

SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

It's a good thing Big Brother 21's Holly Allen has pageant experience. She can put on a fake smile and pretend to be happy to have made Final 4, even though she's quietly steaming out of her ears at "arrogant" and "bullying" Nicole Anthony.

Yes, the sun has decided to rise in the West today, since we apparently live in an alternate universe where Nicole is an arrogant bully.

It's Final 4 and Nicole is the HOH because -- as Holly will tell anyone who will listen -- Holly threw the endurance HOH that started at the end of the Thursday, September 12, 2019 live eviction episode where Tommy Bracco got the chop.

Holly and Jackson Michie are still frustrated with Nicole and Cliff for almost breaking their final four deal and evicting Holly. Holly knows Nicole wanted to evict her over Tommy. Nicole won last week's Veto and was pushing Cliff Hogg III to work with her to split up the showmance of Jackson and Holly. As part of Holly's deal to stay into this week, she agreed to throw the next HOH. The next HOH happened to be a hanging endurance comp similar to the one Holly won earlier in the season. Salt in the wound.

So Holly is kicking herself that she threw the HOH comp to Nicole, and burning with resentment that Nicole is being "arrogant" as HOH, with everyone telling her how she earned the win when it was handed to her on a silver platter. Holly is also frustrated that Nicole got to nominate Holly and Jackson for eviction, putting them on the block next to each other (for the first time this season) during yesterday's Nomination Ceremony.

Holly also vented her frustrations to Jackson, and the timing was pretty ironic considering how Jackson and Holly just treated Tommy before Tommy was evicted. Jackson lied to Cliff and Nicole to get them to turn on Tommy. It became a whole scene with Tommy fighting for his life, so how is that not bullying?

Here's how Holly's venting played out:

Holly: You see how arrogant Nicole has been, bossing around this house on her high horse? And I'm sorry but when everybody keeps telling her how much she earned the HOH it really pisses me off.Jackson: I know.Holly: I know you're just saying that, but she did not earn it. I gave it to her on a silver platter. I'm sorry. She did not earn anything.Jackson: I know.Holly: Strong-arming, bulling, the things that she stands against-Jackson: It's more Cliff than her. For me, towards me at least.Holly: No, she was the one that wanted to evict me. And she is so anti-bullying. She's said so many times she's been bullied her whole life and she just doesn't stand for it, yet that's exactly what she did to me. Backed me into a corner, bullied me, went back on our deal, bullied me the second she got power.

Holly continued that she knew damn well Nicole would've fallen off that rope long before her, since the endurance HOH comp was "so easy."

Holly is acting like she really was gun-to-the-head forced to throw the HOH. It was a strategic move on Nicole's part to get Holly to throw a comp Holly was clearly made to play. Watch the conversation play out:

Anyway, the funniest part of that conversation, to me, was how much Jackson was not into it. He very clearly likes and respects Nicole and feels very close to her. I have no doubt Jackson would take Nicole to the end over Cliff. Not over Holly, but Jackson loves sweet "sister" Nicole. He lights up when she walks into the room. If this were a rom-com, they'd get together in the end. (But Nicole deserves better than Jackson, of course.) I wonder if there's a part of Holly that resents/feels threatened by the Jackson/Nicole connection and that's fueling her current anger.

Big Brother 21 Nicole Jackson Holly CBS

The most important Veto competition of Big Brother is being held late Saturday afternoon (9/14/19). Jackson and Holly are on the block. Cliff said he planned to evict Holly if he won the Veto, but I'm wondering if Nicole could get him to change his mind. Holly and Jackson would both evict Cliff, even though they made deals with him. Jackson and Holly no longer feel like they need to stick to their word, since they feel like Nicole and Cliff broke their final 4 word last week.

Nicole is the only one who wants to evict Jackson, and she can't even vote, she'd have to trust Cliff to vote how she wants. That's why Jackson's odds to win BB21 keep rising. If Jackson makes Final 3 with Nicole, there's only room for one more. UPDATE: The Veto results are in. Take a deep breath and check them out.

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