Big Brother Spoilers: What The Latest Elimination Means For The Jury House In Season 21 Finale

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21. Read at your own risk!

Cliff Hogg III tried all he could to save himself from the wrath of Jackson Michie, but at the end of the day it was he and not Holly Allen that walked out in the latest Big Brother eviction. Cliff trotted out for a quick chat with Julie Chen-Moonves, and now he's off to the Jury House to be one of the final voices they'll hear ahead of the finale. Will Cliff impact the Jury House in a meaningful way?

Cliff threatened Jackson ahead of eviction, and assured his Final 4 friend that if he voted him out, Cliff would not be voting for him if he makes Final 2. Furthermore, he said that he would inform the Jury House on Jackson breaking his word to Cliff, despite the fact that Jackson seems to think he did nothing wrong. Unfortunately, that's not for Jackson to decide as it all depends on the weight Cliff's weight holds with the Jury.

Cliff Hogg III Big Brother CBS

Jackson reminded Cliff to vote on gameplay and not personal reasons as the Texan walked out to Julie, but it doesn't seem like Cliff will need to do a lot of convincing. Big Brother checked in on the Jury House and what's been going on ahead of the latest eviction, and Jackson did not seem to have a lot of support. The only one who openly supported Michie on camera was Analyse Talavera, which may indicate her showmance Jack Matthews is leaning that way too.

With that said, several people in the house had great things to say about Nicole's gameplay, which they all admit they underestimated. Fans may debate if things are exactly how they saw them, but given the love of Nicole it does seem Big Brother is in for another bitter Jury House in Season 21.

Which is fantastic news for Nicole and Holly, both of whom seem protected by the sins of Jackson. Holly is in arguably the best position of course considering Jackson will take her to the finale if he gets the final HoH, and it seems very unlikely there's anything Michie can say that will get him majority vote in the jury house.

Cliff coming into the Jury House will only add more fuel to the fire that Tommy ignited when he exposed Jackson's shady gameplay. It looked to be all those previously eliminated by Jackson needed to justify their own anger at being taken down by the "comp beast," who is only now realizing he has played a terrible social game. Could it be that Jackson thought he was playing chess, but it was just checkers with fancy pieces?

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