As Better Call Saul Wraps Season 5, Michael Mando's 'Challenging' Post May Worry Nacho Fans

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That is finally a wrap for Better Call Saul Season 5, which will premiere on AMC in early 2020. The Breaking Bad spinoff has been off the air since Season 4 ended in October 2018, and fans are eager to see what's next. Michael Mando's Ignacio "Nacho" Varga has been one of my favorite Better Call Saul characters, but Mando's Season 5 wrap post has me worried that he might be saying goodbye soon.

I could be reading too much into it, because we don't see Nacho in Breaking Bad. "Saul" references him one time, but that's it. So what happens to him? Same question for Kim Wexler, another Better Call Saul lead we don't see in Breaking Bad. There's no saying they die at some point on Better Call Saul, but Nacho has been playing a dangerous game for a while now, so I wouldn't be shocked if it finally caught up with him.

Here's Michael Mando's heartfelt wrap post for Better Call Saul Season 5, with the actor saying it was the most challenging year for him on and off screen.

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I like his note at the end that Better Call Saul's new season is "hands down our most special." Saul/Jimmy/Gene actor Bob Odenkirk -- who may win an Emmy this weekend -- recently said Season 5 is the best one they've done so far, promising it will blow fans' minds.

Here's another Better Call Saul Season 5 wrap post, from Michael Mando's co-star Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring):

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And here's another wrap post from Rhea Seehorn (Kim Wexler), who noted they still had a little bit of work left to do by that point:

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Last year, during the airing of Better Call Saul Season 4, Michael Mando talked to Den of Geek about missing more Nacho/Jimmy screen time, referencing the Breaking Bad tie-in ahead:

I really do miss their dynamic, yes! I do know that Jimmy has Nacho's phone number. It's on those matches from season one, so the ball's in his court. I can't tell you if there are any scenes with them down the road this year, but obviously I love working with Bob, and I believe now that we know that Lalo is entering the picture, the whole thing from Breaking Bad when Saul shouts, 'It was Ignacio! It wasn't me!' That would probably imply the two still have more business together.

Yeah, Nacho wasn't in Breaking Bad, but Saul Goodman referenced him as "Ignatio" -- Nacho's full name -- in Season 2, Episode 8, which was titled "Better Call Saul." When Walter White and Jesse Pinkman threatened Saul, Saul didn't know what was happening, but shouted "It was Ignacio!" to deflect any blame. That was confirmed to be a reference to the Nacho we later met in Better Call Saul.

I do wonder if Saul was trying to blame Nacho for something because Nacho was no longer in the picture by the Breaking Bad timeline. I hope not. But if Kim and Nacho both have to exit the picture by the end of Better Call Saul, I wouldn't be surprised if only one of them died, and I wouldn't be surprised if that character was Nacho. I'm just speculating, though.

AMC has yet to confirm a premiere date for Better Call Saul Season 5. We don't know how many seasons the show will have, but six seems to be the running guess. Don't forget that we also have Jesse Pinkman's Breaking Bad movie to look forward to -- on Netflix, then AMC, and also on the big screen. Will there be a tie-in to Better Call Saul? We'll see.

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