Here's The Better Call Saul Episode Bob Odenkirk Submitted For Emmys 2019 Consideration

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The fourth season of Better Call Saul took Jimmy McGill farther than ever in his path to becoming the shady Saul Goodman who was an iconic part of Breaking Bad, and the show was recognized with nominations in several different categories at the 2019 Emmy Awards, which air on September 22. Star Bob Odenkirk is in the running for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, up against actors from shows like Game of Thrones and This Is Us.

Bob Odenkirk had ten episodes from Season 4 to choose from for his 2019 Emmys submission, and many of them showcased Jimmy so strongly that he would have deserved the nomination. Odenkirk revealed the episode he chose to submit and explained why, saying this:

I submitted the final episode of the season. There’s a wonderful scene where the character is trying to be reinstated as a lawyer, and he feels like he’s done the bottom-line stuff that he needs to do. He’s worked a regular job, he’s studied the law. He really feels like he’s done what he needs to do, and he was told that he doesn’t seem contrite, or honest. 'He’s not sincere,' is what they say, so he needs to go in front of the board and establish his sincerity. So, it’s like every aspect of the character comes together to form this moment, where his real feelings are being used as fodder for a scam. So, it’s a pretty amazing thing that Peter Gould [and Thomas Schnauz] wrote. I give [them] the credit for writing a scene where, in a weird way, every aspect of Saul and Jimmy McGill—all his background, all his deeper feelings—all come into play.

Yes, Bob Odenkirk (per Deadline) decided to submit the Season 4 finale to put him in the running as Outstanding Lead Actor at the 2019 Emmys. That episode was called "Winner," so it would be fitting if he took home the trophy for his performance in it. Fans will undoubtedly remember the episode that saw Odenkirk put on a killer performance as Jimmy putting on a killer performance to win the support to be reinstated as a lawyer.

Jimmy delivered a speech that seemingly showed his genuine remorse and buried feelings for his late brother, and he was convincing enough that even Kim believed him. The ultimate reveal that it had been the latest and greatest of Jimmy's scams came as a shocker despite his destiny to become Saul Goodman, and that's down to Bob Odenkirk's performance.

The episode ended with Jimmy on his way to literally taking on the Saul Goodman name, which seemingly was a sign that Better Call Saul was winding down and fast-approaching the chronological beginning of Breaking Bad. Bob Odenkirk has been nominated four times for the Outstanding Lead Actor prize for the four seasons of Better Call Saul; isn't it about time that he won?

Of course, Game of Thrones might have the edge due to Kit Harington's work in that series' final season, and Bob Odenkirk is up against stiff competition from Jason Bateman of Ozark, Billy Porter of Pose, and of course Milo Ventimiglia and Sterling K. Brown from This Is Us.

2019 Emmy Nominations: HBO And Game Of Thrones Get Tons Of Attention After Final Season

Better Call Saul scored five major nominations for its fourth season, and although it's not even close to rivaling Game of Thrones in the sheer quantity of nominations (which some feel were not entirely deserved), that's a healthy number. In addition to Bob Odenkirk being in the running for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama, Better Call Saul is up for Outstanding Drama Series, Jonathan Banks and Giancarlo Esposito are both up for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama, and Michael McKean could take home the trophy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama.

Hopefully Better Call Saul is victorious in at least one category. Best Supporting Actor is packed with no fewer than three Game of Thrones alums, which may not bode well for Jonathan Banks and Giancarlo Esposito, and Banks was actually disqualified for one of the Better Call Saul Emmy nominations he'd initially received. Throw in the fact that fans are outraged that Kim Seehorn still hasn't gotten love from the TV Academy with a nomination, and the time has arguably come for Better Call Saul to win at the Emmys.

Find out if Bob Odenkirk and Better Call Saul take home any trophies when the 2019 Emmy Awards air on Fox on Sunday, September 22 at 8 p.m. ET. Season 5 of Better Call Saul will premiere in 2020, so it's fortunate that there are plenty of viewing options in the 2019 fall TV premiere schedule.

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