The Big Futurama Reference In Disenchantment Season 2

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After a year of waiting, the second part of Disenchantment Season 1 -- sometimes just called Disenchantment Season 2 -- has arrived. Audiences were obviously excited to find out what happened to Elfo, and how Bean would react if she found out her birth mother was actually the evil person and not her stepmother Oona. There was also some excitement over references, and how Matt Groening and crew would once again sneak in some references to The Simpsons and Futurama.

Fans were not disappointed when it came to Futurama, which had a few references throughout the season both subtle and rather obvious. With that being said, the biggest and most obvious reference of the season came when Zog was forced to save pig Prince Merkimer from a raiding party. The king was able to channel his former self temporarily, and sprung into action while screaming a very familiar line.

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For those unaware, the line from Disenchantment's king is very similar to Bender's catchphrase in Futurama, "Bite my shiny metal ass." To the best of our knowledge, Zog doesn't have a shiny metal ass, so the context was changed to make the line work for the Netflix original series. A pretty masterful switch for the medieval adventure!

The reference was made even better considering that John DiMaggio is the voice of King Zog and Bender. That shouldn't surprise a ton of people considering how similar the two sound, though Zog's voice does tend to be a little less nasally than Bender. Still a great delivery, regardless, and one that certainly got a few Futurama fans all hyped up.

Here's the big question: Was this just a meta reference or is it tied to the story? Remember, Part 1 of Disenchantment had a brief scene in which the Futurama crew were seen traveling through time in the crystal ball. Have they been to Dreamland before, and that's possibly the inspiration behind Zog uttering the line years later?

There's been hope that there will be some form of crossover between Disenchantment and Futurama since the show's announcement, but after Part 2 we're no closer to finding out whether or not that will happen. In fact, there definitely seemed to be a bigger effort on Disenchantment's part to minimize connections and continue to establish its own world without being reliant on references to Groening's past works. It doesn't mean it won't happen, but the priority seems to be letting this show continue to build its own universe rather than reference other shows.

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Do you think the characters of Futurama will eventually appear in Disenchantment? State your case in the comments below and be sure to catch Part 2 right now on Netflix. For a look at what all is coming to television in the coming months, be sure to visit our awesome fall premiere guide.

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