Fear The Walking Dead Finale Exclusive Reveals New Plan To Take Out Virginia's Pioneers

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Amazing as it might be to believe, Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 is just one episode away from being a done deal, leaving fans to wait another seven or eight months to wonder what'll happen to all the old and new characters before Season 6 arrives. It was previously teased that the fifth season will end in such a way that it opens up a whole new world of stories for these characters, and it appears all that will go down in Sunday's finale.

We have an exclusive clip from the finale, titled "End of the Line," and the video appears to reveal how Morgan, Alicia, John and the rest will attempt to thwart the villainous efforts of Colby Minifie's Virginia and her loyal gang of Pioneers. Check it out!

As viewers will likely remember, Fear the Walking Dead's penultimate Season 5 installment ended with the central squad of overheated and underfed survivors discovering their long trek to Humbug's Gulch had been mostly in vain. The tourist attraction was overrun by walkers, inspiring the contentious decision to reach out (on radio channel 5, of course) to ask for help from Virginia and her group, which caused Dwight to exit the group and strike back out on his own, at least temporarily.

In the clip above, though, it doesn't appear that the Pioneers had been around to offer any assistance, leaving the protagonists to figure out a way to eliminate the walker threat without dooming everyone. Thankfully, Humbug's Gulch is the kind of place where it decorative signs can be a miraculous influence on one's decision-making, and you can almost hear the lightbulb sparking to life above Morgan's head when he sees it, despite the lack of electricity.

Rather than trying to kill off and dispose of hundreds of zombies, the plan is to use horses to guide the walkers away from Humbug's Gulch. Of course, Morgan & Co. aren't just going to lead the undead a few feet away and hope that they keep on shambling in the opposite direction. Rather, they're going to try to use the walkers as a weaponized threat the same way that Virginia and her group attracted all those walkers at the bridge where Tom died (a truly ridiculous death).

I can't say that I see this solution working with 100% efficiency and without any consequences, but it sounds like the kind of idea where wrong turns will at least be exciting ones. I'm not going to think too hard about all the walker mayhem we saw in the finale trailer, since that just implies Virginia and the Pioneers will be victorious. Considering the group has a wedding to put on for John and June, I don't think anyone is hoping for extended clashes to go down. Especially on empty stomachs.

While it's true that Fear the Walking Dead's ratings have sunk fairly low recently, and parts of the fanbase have been vocal about issues with the showrunners's choices in Season 5, from the documentary bits to the wandering focus. However, many have agreed that Colby Minifie's arrival as Virginia was a smart move. Her villain not only works well as a standalone screw-loose threat within the post-apocalypse, but the group seemingly has a virtuous goal in mind, even if they don't take the most morally stringent path to it. I'm probably not alone in hoping that most of them survive the finale in order to cause more stress in Season 6. Especially considering how underused Matt Frewer's Logan was before he got killed off.

With potentially some kind of capper coming for the radiation-poisoning storylines, Fear the Walking Dead's Season 5 finale airs Sunday, September 29, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Be sure to check that out, and don't forget about The Walking Dead kicking off its Whisperer-heavy Season 10 on AMC on Sunday, October 6, at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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