SEAL Team: Will Jason's Close Call Change His Attitude Towards Missions?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for SEAL Team. Read at your own risk!

True to form, SEAL Team wasted no time getting the story going and was already delivering heart-pounding action not long into the Season 3 premiere. As usual, Bravo unit was in the line of fire, but Jason Hayes managed to navigate the team through an intense compound raid like the elite professionals they are. Then, an unexpected suicide bomber caught Jason off guard, and if it wasn't some quick thinking from Clay, the SEAL Team hero would've been toast.

Will the close call end up affecting Jason long-term? Star David Borneaz hinted Jason's mistake was a result of his current headspace, and teased this incident may not be the first time something like this happens as he still struggles to overcome the events of the past year.

His headspace going into these missions is like a high-octane, 650-horsepower Mustang that just roars. Down the line that affects him. Jason has been worn down by the loss of his wife [who died last season in a car accident] and his kids going off to college and boarding school. There he is alone, out of the house he sold, living in a one-bedroom [place] above a garage.

David Borneaz told TV Insider that Jason has been struggling with a lot in his personal life, but instead of taking some time to acknowledge it all and get to a better place, he's putting more time into being the best he can in Bravo. Unfortunately, working that hard and trying to convince the team he's fine is putting a strain on him, and leaving him more open to mistakes. Not that he could've predicted the suicide bomber, but Jason's lack of a reaction may prove he's not as mentally in the game as he appears to be.

If there is some good news about the change in Jason, it's that there are those in Bravo team aware something is up. Clay expressed some worry and tried to talk to Ray about it, but was brushed off. Now, after Clay saved Jason, Ray may be more on board with Clay's fears and may try to talk to Jason about maybe taking some time to get his head right before he pays the price for being distracted. Let's just hope he can do it in enough time before Jason gets hurt, or his decisions hurt someone else.

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