El Camino: What's In Jesse's Letter To Brock? Original Ending Told All

El Camino Jesse seals letter to Brock Netflix

SPOILERS ahead from El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

El Camino ended with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) starting a new life in Alaska. Before driving away, Jesse gave Ed Galbraith (RIP Robert Forster) a letter to mail to someone. That someone was young Brock Cantillo, the son of Jesse's ex-girlfriend Andrea. Little Brock was put through so much suffering on Breaking Bad, and Jesse wanted to leave him with a few words. What did Jesse write in the letter? Well, we were supposed to hear it.

Originally, in the first draft of the script, that’s how the story ended. With Jesse driving through Alaska, and you hear the voiceover of what’s inside of the letter.

That's the word from Aaron Paul to TheWrap. He said something similar to TV Guide, adding more details from Breaking Bad boss and El Camino writer/director Vince Gilligan:

That was the very first thing that Vince Gilligan wrote when he wrote the script. He wrote that letter and then he wrote the script. In the original draft of the script, that is how the entire movie ends — the voiceover of the letter. But that was sadly cut. ... [It is] the most honest, beautiful, caring letter imaginable — really, just pouring his heart out and saying he's sorry.

El Camino shows vacuum salesman/disappearing guru Ed reading the letter, which appears to be pretty long and hand-written. I do agree that it's sad that the voiceover was cut. Is there such a thing as a deleted scene for a Netflix movie? If so, please let us stream it, or release the audio -- or a full transcript.

El Camino in Alaska Aaron Paul Jesse Pinkman Robert Forster as Ed Galbraith

You'll recall that Brock was poisoned by Walt (Bryan Cranston) on Breaking Bad, and his mother was killed by Todd (Jesse Plemons) as punishment for Jesse running away from the white supremacist compound. So Brock's tragedies are related to Jesse but not really Jesse's direct fault. Still, I can understand why Jesse would want to apologize as best he could and explain this was never what he wanted.

Breaking Bad Jesse and Brock playing video game AMC

El Camino brought back several Breaking Bad characters -- including Walter White, of course -- and ended Jesse Pinkman's story by giving him a new beginning. I wish we could've seen more of his life in Alaska, but maybe we'll get another story someday -- or revisit him somehow via Better Call Saul.

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