Why DC's TV Shows Are More Successful Than Its Movies, According to Kevin Smith

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When it comes to the debate of DC movies vs. DC television, acclaimed director Kevin Smith is team DC TV. Smith, who has been the de facto Hollywood mouthpiece for opinions and analysis on the superhero world for a while now, thinks that when the two are measured up against each other, DC's television offerings are more successful than the movies.

What then, is the main difference between movies like Suicide Squad and Joker and shows like The Flash and Supergirl? Kevin Smith explained that it comes down to the people crafting the story more than anything else.

The writers. It has nothing to do with the characters themselves or how they interact with the social consciousness or whether they’re relevant still or not. A good writer will turn anything into a watchable concept. Some of the DC movies have had a hard time catching an audience. The stories haven’t been as satisfying. When you’re doing a DC television show, such as Supergirl or The Flash, you don’t have two hours to tell your story. You have 22 hours to tell a long story.

That's some major praise from Kevin Smith, though it is worth mentioning he may have a bit of a bias. Smith has directed episodes of The Flash and Supergirl and has yet to get the honor to officially direct a feature film for DC. That said, it's not hard to see Smith's argument. More time to tell a story will often help an audience get invested into a character and there will almost always be more time in television shows than a movie.

While Kevin Smith had some nice things to say about the writers of DC television, he also had a good deal of acclaim for an actress he's worked with quite a bit in the Arrow-verse. Smith told People that he's a huge fan of Melissa Benoist, and the way the Supergirl star deals with the variety of things that comes with her role.

Melissa Benoist is the absolute fucking shit. Melissa Benoist, for a #1 on a show -- #1 means it's the top job -- like, grace under pressure. They truss that girl up and sail her up in the sky on hooks and shit like that… but she never complains. She's a beautiful human being.

With that kind of acclaim, it's no wonder that Kevin Smith has directed four episodes of Supergirl in the show's run. Again, this might show his slight bias of leaning towards DC Television or DC movies, but it's not like this is a wildly unpopular or controversial take. Smith can't help he's part of the side doing some of the brand's most creative stuff as of late!

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